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Product Details

TotalBoat Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink AWG Disconnects have a heat activated adhesive built into the sleeve of the heat shrink tubing. The insulator shrinks to provide a waterproof seal that absorbs vibration and strain.

Tinned copper wiring ensures excellent corrosion resistance in the marine environment while maintaining optimal current flow. A brazed seam offers additional strength.

Tech Specs
Part Number Gauge Connection Quantity
TB-QDFF22-25HS-322-18 AWGFemale3/pk
TB-QDFF22-25HS-C22-18 AWGFemale100/pk
TB-QDFM22-25HS-322-18 AWGMale3/pk
TB-QDFF14-25HS-316-14 AWGFemale3/pk
TB-QDFF14-25HS-C16-14 AWGFemale100/pk
TB-QDFM14-25HS-316-14 AWGMale3/pk
TB-QDFM14-25HS-C16-14 AWGMale100/pk
TB-QDFF10-25HS-C12-10 AWGFemale100/pk