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Quantum 45 Clear Epoxy Sealer Base is part of a two-component clear epoxy sealer system that creates an exceptional tie coat between fiberglass or wood substrates, and Quantum primers/topcoats.

It consists of a single base component (Quantum 45 clear sealer base), and activator (Quantum 45 epoxy primer activator, sold separately). For best results, prep surface with Quantum Surface Prep Cleaner (sold separately).

Quantum Epoxy Sealer is easy to mix and apply by spray, foam roller, or brush. Available in Quart and Gallon sizes.

Info & Guides
Note: Quantum Clear Epoxy Sealer is a tie coat, not a top coat. The purpose of a tie coat is to create good adhesion for subsequent coats of primer or paint. For an excellent, clear top coat use Quantum 99 Clear Coat (sold separately).