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Sea Hawk Tuff Stuff Low VOC High-Build Epoxy Primer

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SeaHawk Tuff Stuff Low VOC High-Build Epoxy Primer
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Sea Hawk Tuff Stuff is an exceptionally high build, low-VOC, two-part marine epoxy primer that dries fast, letting you apply a complete barrier system and antifouling paint in just two days.

The primer creates an overlapping, impermeable barrier that eliminates direct paths for water migration, but does so with an environmentally friendly low volatile orgnic compound formula. Overcoat with water-based* or solvent-based antifouling paint.

Tuff Stuff is extremely effective for blister prevention on fiberglass. Because it is resistant to oil and water, it makes a great bilge coating. It can be used for corrosion protection on most metals below the waterline, and for priming any metal.

Available in Gallons in your choice of White or Light Gray.

Tech Specs
Item Number Size Color
SHK-1286GLKITGallonLight Gray
Available Colors, Primer Base White - 1287 (Side A); Light Gray - 1286 (Side A)
Kit Size 1 Gallon (1/2 gallon base (Side A) and 1/2 gallon catalyst (Side C))
Mix Ratio 1 part Side A to 1 part Side B
Induction Time 20-30 minutes
Thinning If needed, thin with a maximum 10% Sea Hawk 2044 Epoxy Reducer
Application Temperature Apply in good weather when surface and air temperatures are at least 50°F above dew point; optimum temp. is 70-80°F
Application Method Solvent-resistant brushes and rollers; airless and conventional spray
Typical Film Thickness 6-7.5 mils dry film thickness per coat; 11.5-14.5 mils wet film thickness per coat
Recommended Coats 2-4, depending on intended service (for example, barrier coat, universal primer, or bilge coating)
Dry Times/Overcoating Intervals Temp: 73°F; Touch Dry: 2 hrs.; Recoating Time (min/max): 3hrs./24 hrs.; Overcoating: 24 hrs. max.
Info & Guides
* From Sea Hawk Technical Bulletin TSWB-1284:

Applying Water-Based Antifoulant over Tuff Stuff

Q: Can you use water-based bottom paint over Tuff Stuff marine epoxy primer?

Putting a water-based bottom paint (WBP) over a solvent based primer can be done with some modified application procedures. You do NOT want to hot coat the water-based paint like Sea Hawk Monterey over the solvent based primer such as Tuff Stuff high build marine epoxy primer. If you do, it will mud crack. This is because the solvent must be allowed to flash off of the primer before it is overcoated.

So instead of putting the WBP over the solvent primer in the same day, you need to wait for at least 17 hours but not longer than 24 hours. If you do not hit this window, then you have to sand the Tuff Stuff epoxy primer with 80 grit sandpaper before applying WBP. This is a lot of extra work and very difficult to sand; it is an extremely hard surface. So the best thing to do when using a WBP over a high build solvent-based epoxy is to apply the bottom paint within 17-24 hours. That way you skip the extra time and labor of sanding.

Technical Information


  • As a repair coat, use over blistered fiberglass. As a barrier coat, apply over unblistered fiberglass.
  • Protects metals from corrosion above and below the waterline, including aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, cast iron, and lead
  • Excellent for priming keels, props, shafts, trim tabs, thru hulls, and lower units
  • Highest build epoxy means fewer coats are needed
  • Longer window between coats makes Tuff Stuff Low VOC very easy to use
  • Less labor and haul out time
  • Complies with strict VOC limits set by California Air Quality Mangement Board

Reviews for Sea Hawk Tuff Stuff Low VOC High-Build Epoxy Primer

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July 21, 2022

A big zero. Do not buy this product!
By Greg from San Francisco

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I've been working with coatings for 30 plus years And never seen such garbage being sold . I was told that this company was recently bought by Interlux; they should discontinue this product.

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

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