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Product Details

Cover Guard Temporary Protective Sheeting by Bainbridge International is quick and easy to cut and place exactly where you need it to protect surfaces that are costly to replace.

Safeguards expensive floors and finishes during construction or refits, with anti-slip, anti-static properties that help ensure safety. Lay down the most effective protection in the least amount of time because sheeting rolls are compact, easy to carry, and easy to cut to shape.

Flame-retardant, tear-resistant covering can be used indoors or outdoors. Temporary protective sheeting is available in 10, 13, and 25 mil thicknesses, in a variety of lengths. 3-inch wide sealing tape is also available for securing seams and perimeters quickly and easily.

Tech Specs
Item Number Description Dimensions Weight
BAI-CG1036DPSR 10 mil sheeting 36 in. x 100 ft. 15 lbs.
BAI-CG1036DP 10 mil sheeting 36 in. x 393 ft. 60 lbs.
BAI-CG1336DP 13 mil sheeting 36 in. x 360 ft. 70 lbs.
BAI-CG2536DP 25 mil sheeting 36 in. x 180 ft. 70 lbs.
BAI-CGTP03BU Industrial-grade sealing tape 3 in. x 165 ft. 2.5 lbs.
Info & Guides

Easy Installation

  1. Clean: Bainbridge recommends that surfaces to be protected are first cleaned to remove any liquids, dirt, dust, and debris.

  2. Cut, Fit, and Secure Edges: Unroll the product and use scissors or a sharp knife to cut Cover Guard to fit the area you want to protect. Leave approximately 3 inches (or the width of the sealing tape) around the perimeter of the surface to be protected to allow securing with sealing tape. Be sure the diamond pattern is facing upward, and pull material taut so it lies flat. Tape perimeter edges.

  3. Secure Seams with Sealing Tape: Apply tape at the perimeter first so the tape touches the outer walls. Place Cover Guard so it touches the first layer of tape at the perimeter and apply a second layer of tape so it covers the first layer of tape by 50%, and 50% on top of the Cover Guard. To secure seams, overlap Cover Guard seams in parallel lines, by the width of the sealing tape. Smooth sealing tape at seams and perimeters.

Technical Information

Additional Protective Sheeting Features

  • Easy to install vertically or horizontally; easy to remove
  • Available in a range of mil thicknesses and lengths to suit your particular purpose
  • Strong and durable, puncture resistant, and waterproof
  • Flame retardant, and resistant to most solvents and most chemicals
  • Anti-static material minimizes generation of electrostatic discharge and helps create a safer work environment
  • Can be reused and recycled, saving time, money, and the environment
  • For interior and exterior use
  • Easy to cut with scissors or a sharp-bladed knife
  • Compact rolls are easy to store in their individual cartons, perfect when space is a consideration

Sealing Tape Features

  • Water-resistant adhesive bonds to most any surface
  • Strong, durable, and resists tearing
  • Premium quality cloth backing with polyethylene film for durability and reliable, waterproof sealing