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Product Details

#18 S/S Self-Tapping Flat Head Phillips screws, also known as sheet metal screws or self tappers, are typically used for installing hardware such as brackets and hinges on your boat, but are also ideal for deck or home repairs. Use these durable 18/8 stainless steel self tappers to secure sheet metal to metal, fiberglass, plastic, or wood.

Their standard flat head screw type is for general fastening where the screw head must be flush with the surface, or where the head needs to be countersunk, and the hole plugged. The Phillips drive allows greater torque to be applied when fastening, which makes fastening faster and easier.

Self tappers have great holding power and are available in Type A #18 x 1 in. size for thin metals, and in Type AB thread-forming #18 x 1 in., 1-1/2 in., 2 in., 2-1/2 in., 3 in., and 4 in. for heavier metals and a wider range of uses.

Tech Specs
Item Number Size Type Quantity
FSS-STFP18x1 #18 x 1" A 25/pk
FSS-STFP18X112 #18 x 1-1/2" AB 25/pk
FSS-STFP18X2 #18 x 2" AB 25/pk
FSS-STFP18X212 #18 x 2-1/2" AB 25/pk
FSS-STFP18X3 #18 x 3" AB 25/pk
FSS-STFP18X4 #18 x 4" AB 25/pk
Info & Guides
Self-tapping screws are designed for use in sheet metal but are great for mounting hardware onto laminates, wood, and for many other applications. Self tappers, or sheet metal screws, have a deep thread that goes all the way up the shank to the head.

These self tappers are available in two point types: Type A (see illustration) and Type AB (see image and illustration). The A point has coarse threads that are better for thin metal. The AB point can be used for thin or heavier metal. The longer Type AB screws work well as a replacement for rip-outs because you can use them instead of putting in the same size with a lag bolt. Both types can be used for sheet metal, resinous plywood, composite boards, fiberglass, and sheet metal. Diameter: 5/16"