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Product Details

Entropy Clear Extra Fast Hardener (CLX) provides the fastest cure time for the Clear (CLR) and Optically Brightened (BRT) laminating epoxy systems. The CLR system is water-clear; the BRT system is bright white.

Both are low-viscosity, UV-stable liquid epoxies for composites, coatings & adhesive applications, and are optimized for hand lay-up, room temperature processes, or infusion laminating of wood, fibers, glass, carbon, or Kevlar. All Super Sap resins exhibit low color, excellent air release, and great UV & color stability.

Use CLX Hardener with CLR or BRT resins for fastest cure time at room temperature. CLR and BRT resins, as well as CLS/CLF/CLX hardeners have a bio-content greater than 30% & can be modified with epoxy compatible colorants & fillers.

Tech Specs
Specifications & Mechanical Data CLR/CLX Admixed BRT/CLX Admixed
Color Clear White
Mix Ratio by Volume 2:1 (resin:hardener) 2:1 (resin:hardener)
Mix Ratio by Weight 100:47 (resin:hardener) 100:47 (resin:hardener)
Mixed Viscosity @ 77°F 580 cPs 580 cPs
Pot Life @ 77°F 18 minutes 18 minutes
Tack Free Time @ 77°F 2 hours 2 hours
Ideal Working Temperature Range Optimal - 70-85°F; Extended - 60-95°F Optimal - 70-85°F; Extended - 60-95°F
Ideal Working Humidity Range Optimal - 0-50%; Extended - 0-95% Optimal - 0-50%; Extended - 0-95%
Recommended Full Cure 7 days @ 77°F 7 days @ 77°F
Tensile Strength 9,500 psi 9,500 psi
Elongation 6% 6%
Flexural Strength 14,000 psi 14,000 psi
Compression Strength 11,330 psi 11,330 psi
Tg Ultimate 170°F 170°F
Hardness, Shore D 70-80 70-80
CLR or BRT Laminating Epoxy Resin Quantity Extra Fast Hardener (CLX) Quantity Mixed Quantity
32 oz.16 oz. hardener48 oz.
1/2 gallon resin1 qt. hardener3 qt.
1 gallon resin1/2 gallon hardener1.5 gallons
2 gallons resin1 gallon hardener3 gallons
5 gallons resin2.5 gallons hardener7.5 gallons
Info & Guides

NOTE: Exact fill weight of 5 Gallon CLX Hardener is 5.212 gallons.

Technical Information

Features of Clear Extra Fast Hardener (CLX) Combined with Clear (CLR) or Optically Brightened (BRT) Laminating Epoxy Resin

  • Fastest speed hardener for Entropy's high-performance, clear (CLR) epoxy coating, or bright white (BRT) epoxy resin.
  • Green epoxy resin with fast room temperature cure.
  • Excellent composite laminating resin ideal for hand layup and vacuum bagging.
  • Great for high-color applications requiring a clear, non-yellowing resin system.
  • UV-stable formula with relatively low viscosity.
  • First USDA BioPreferred Certified liquid epoxy resin system.
  • CLX requires corresponding size of CLR or BRT Laminating Epoxy Resin for use (2:1 mix ratio). See chart below.

CLR/CLX Resin System Best Uses

  • Surfboards, SUPs (stand up paddleboards), handplanes
  • Adhesives and sealants
  • Fiberglass boat repair
  • Clear coating applications
  • Natural fiber composites
  • Carbon fiber composites
  • Fiberglass composites

BRT/CLX Resin System Best Uses

  • White surfboards
  • Bright white cosmetic marine laminating applications

Safety and Handling Information

Despite the natural derivation of Entropy resin products, exposure to these materials represents hazards typical of all epoxy resins. Exposure should be minimized and avoided through the use of proper personal protective clothing & equipment, and appropriate manufacturing controls. All persons who use, store, or transport these materials should understand proper handling precautions and recommendations, as stated in the SDS (safety data sheets).