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Reviews for TotalBoat High Performance Epoxy Kits

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April 19, 2021

Excellent product
By Shark from Coos and oregon

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Very easy to use product,for beginners like me

April 16, 2021

Easy to use and worked great
By Jojo from Huntington Beach

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I used the entire contents of these containers to pour over the tile in my bathroom and gave it a milk white, glassy finish. I love it so much. It's much better now. It was cured in less than 5 hours! But I waited and did a second coat the next morning. I was also working in a temp around 75 constant.

April 16, 2021

Excellent Product, Nice and Clear, Turns Great!
By Misfit74 from Vancouver, WA

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My first time using Total Boat High Performance w/ Slow Hardener and I poured a small mold, put in pressure pot, and turned a dish on the lathe. Results were great. Would recommend. Came with lots of extras - cups, sticks, etc. Cool extras.

April 14, 2021

Easy to use. High-quality
By RPC from Canada

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The pumps are so easy for getting the right amount for the job. I did some crack repair and filling of larger voids!

April 13, 2021

Beautiful finish
By Duke from Warren, Ohio

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Never used this product before. Could have used more instructions on containers, but information is easy to find online. The finished product came out better than expected. Don't use foam brushes!!!

April 3, 2021

Nice Kit
By rivergeorge from Tx

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A really good value, has everything you need.

March 30, 2021

First kit - works great
By Carl from Upstate NY

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This is my first time working with epoxy. The kit with pumps is convenient and easy to use. I ended up using this way more than I thought, I should have gone one size up.

March 26, 2021

Fantastic Product and Results
By Manic_Wood_Products from Northern California

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To set the stage, I am a master carpenter, general contractor, wood worker, lumberman, and engineer. I take wood working and associated products very seriously. They are the mainstay of my work and spare time. I had been entertaining the idea of doing some wood/epoxy integrated turnings and stumbled across this high performance Total Boat epoxy system and mentioned to my wife that it would be a nice and reasonable Christmas gift idea and my entry into the world of epoxy. The kit was so outstanding that I have not turned back and am producing some of the most beautiful simple creations integrating Total Boat and hand selected hardwoods. I have had more requests for these items from coworkers and family that I have time to produce in my spare time. I have not kept one of them as they have all gone out the door to grace the tables and homes of family and some of the highest ranking culinary experts the industry, including a Certified Master Chef. (A very big deal, approx. only 77 of them country wide). I have found creating these works of art has become an obsession and believe it or not, with the correct minimal amount of tools, these items can be crafted by Do It Yourselfers and Pros alike. This product comes with my full endorsement as being exactly as advertised and reputed. Five stars.

March 13, 2021

Best epoxy I have ever worked with.
By HedPolish from Laurel,MD

Verified Purchase

Total Boat Fast Hardener is the best epoxy kit I have ever worked with. The calibrated pumps make mixing so easy and being a maker that is actually allergic to resin, Total Boat has made it possible for me to create again. Forever a customer and always recommending your products. I even made a TikTok video about my love of Total Boat.

March 10, 2021

By Bo from San Francisco

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