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3M Cubitron II Hookit 6 Inch Clean Sanding Discs

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3M Cubitron II Hookit 6 Inch Clean Sanding Discs

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Product Details

3M Cubitron II Clean Sanding Discs have a precision-shaped grain for a super-fast cut that sands cleanly and wears evenly, so it lasts longer than conventional ceramic discs.

These high-performance abrasives reduce heat buildup, prevent discoloration, and provide superior dust extraction while shaping rough body filler, removing paint, doing fine feather-edging, or final prep work. Hookit Hook-and-loop style attachment makes disc change-outs fast and easy

Choose from six grades (grits) that range from Coarse to Medium: 40+ (25/box), and 50 discs per box for 80+, 120+, 150+, 180+, and 220+.

Tech Specs
Item Number Grade Diameter Grade Range
MMM-31370 40+ 6" Coarse
MMM-31371 80+ 6" Coarse
MMM-31372 120+ 6" Coarse
MMM-31373 150+ 6" Medium
MMM-31374 180+ 6" Medium
MMM-31481 220+ 6" Medium
Info & Guides
Cubitron II Precision-Shaped Grain and Multi-Hole Design

Cubitron II is 3M's highest performing abrasive that boasts triangular, precision-shaped grains with super-sharp, self-sharpening peaks that cut 30% faster and last twice as long as conventional industrial abrasives.

NOTE: Cubitron II Hookit 6" Clean Sanding Discs can be used with Festool 6" disc pads.

Technical Information


  • Triangular-shaped, electrostatically oriented grain cuts 30% faster than conventional premium abrasive discs.
  • Superior dust extraction for a cleaner surface, a cleaner work environment, and optimal results.
  • Self-sharpening grains create sharper cuts that reduce friction and wear because less pressure is required.
  • Hookit™ hook-and-loop attachment method provides fast change-outs for greater productivity.
  • Cubitron II discs last twice as long as conventional industrial abrasive discs.


  • Performance Level: Best
  • Number of Holes: Multi-hole
  • Hole Design: Clean Sanding
  • Compatible Sanding Surfaces: Metal, paint, filler, plastic
  • Backing: C Weight Paper
  • Abrasive Mineral: Ceramic blend
  • Attachment Method: Hookit
  • Sanding Method: Hand, Machine
  • Wet or Dry?: Dry