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TotalBoat 2-Part Clear Epoxy Primer

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TotalBoat 2 Part Clear Epoxy Primer
Clear Epoxy Primer additional kit contents
1 kt contains 1 kt

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Product Details

TotalBoat 2-Part Clear Epoxy Primer is a super-clear, epoxy tie-coat primer and surface sealer that provides strong adhesion for clear urethane finishes on carbon fiber layups. This unique, clear primer produces a good build coat that fills the weave and smooths the surface so it can be overcoated with a clear, UV-protective coating such as clear urethane topcoat or varnish.

Tech Specs
Technical Specifications TotalBoat 2-Part Clear Epoxy Primer
Number of Components 2
Mix Ratio by Volume 1:1 (1 part base to 1 part activator)
Application Method Brush, roll, or spray
Application Temperature 45-125°F
Induction Period 30 minutes (prior to reduction (optional) and application)
Pot Life 8 hours @ 72°F
Number of Coats 2-3
Film Thickness (per Coat) 3-4 mils wet
Coverage 175-200 sq. ft. per gallon @ 3 mils dry film thickness
Recommended Roller Use a 1/8" nap solvent-safe roller cover
Compatible Substrates Fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar®, aluminum, steel, and previously painted surfaces
Reducer/Thinner TotalBoat Epoxy Primer Thinner 200
Surface Prep Solvent Wipe TotalBoat Epoxy Primer Thinner 200
Cleanup TotalBoat Epoxy Primer Thinner 200
Info & Guides

Mixing Note: Combine clear base and surfacing activator components in a 1:1 ratio. Mix thoroughly, then induct for 30 minutes prior to reduction (if needed) and application. Thin with TotalBoat Epoxy Primer Thinner 200 (sold separately) formulated to extend wet film flow, especially when applying primer through a spray nozzle. This reducer can also be used as a surface prep cleaner, and as a solvent for cleaning equipment.

Technical Information


  • Ideal for sealing carbon fiber, Kevlar®, and fiberglass surfaces.
  • Easy to use, with a simple 1:1 mix ratio for dependable results every time.
  • High-performance primer provides excellent adhesion for clear urethane or varnish topcoats.
  • Cures clear and will not yellow.
  • Dries quickly and can be overcoated in as little as 1 hour @ 72°F.
  • Easy to apply by brush, roller, or spray equipment.
  • Similar properties to Awlgrip 545 Clear (no longer available), but easier to use, and a great value.

Product Kit Components, Color, and Finish

  • Components: Each Quart Kit includes 1 quart base component & 1 quart of activator
  • Color: Clear
  • Finish: Semi-Gloss

Dry Times

  • Dry Time to Recoat: 1 hour to 7 days
  • Dry Time to Sand: 16 hours (<4 mils dry), 16-24 hours (>4 mils dry)