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Teakdecking Systems Teak Sealer & Protector is an eco-friendly, water-based teak coating that makes it easier than ever to keep your boat's teak decking and trim looking better longer. In fact, extensive testing revealed that the protection lasts as long as 3 months—even in tropical climates that are notoriously hard on teak.

This long-lasting wood treatment is easy to apply, and available in Quart and Gallon sizes.

Tech Specs
Technical Specifications
Application Temperature 50°F to 95°F
Application Methods Lint-free roller, soft brush, or microfiber cloth/mop
Number of Coats Required 2
Dry Time to Recoat Wait at least 2 hours before recoating; first coat must be tack free and dry to the touch.
Reapplication/Maintenance 60-90 days, depending on conditions
Coverage 400 sq. ft./gallon
Shelf Life 24 months
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Longer-Lasting, Eco-Friendly Teak Protection

Teakdecking Systems Teak Sealer & Protector keeps your teak looking great for months! This easy-to-apply, eco-friendly coating seals new or existing freshly cleaned/dried teak, protecting against damage from mold and contaminants, while preventing the graying and discoloration caused by harsh UV rays.


  1. Clean teak deck (or trim) thoroughly to remove any dirt or oil.
  2. Rinse deck thoroughly and allow to air dry completely, which can vary with conditions. (NOTE: Product will lock in moisture if applied prior to drying, which may cause mold.)


  1. Temperature must be 50-95°F. Do not apply during midday sun. Recommended time to apply is before 10 am or after 2 pm.
  2. Apply with a soft brush, lint-free roller, microfiber, or a mop/cloth.
  3. Apply with the grain, and add pressure to applicator to assist product into grain.
  4. Two (2) coats are required. Wait at least 2 hours before recoating. First coat must be dry to touch, tack-free. Recoating should be done promptly before dust and dirt accumulate on the deck or trim surface.
  5. At the first sign of wear, it is recommended to reapply an additional coating of sealer to avoid visible breaks in the coating. If in doubt, it is always acceptable to add a coat of sealer after a time, especially in high-traffic and/or exposed areas. The teak will accept only the amount of sealer that is needed for penetration. Tropical conditions may require reapplication after 60-90 days.


As Teakdecking Systems Sealer & Protector prevents dirt and contaminants from penetrating the wood grain, a regular cleaning with a pH neutral boat soap should be adequate. For heavier accumulations of dirt/soot, use Teakdecking Systems ECO-100 or ECO-300 Teak Cleaners (sold separately). While cleaning with this products, always brush across the grain to protect the teak wood fibers.


Do not attempt to apply Teakdecking Systems Teak Sealer & Protector to previously oiled decks without first testing a small area to be sure the oil has dissipated adequately for the sealer to penetrate. If oil is still present, sand or aggressively clean before applying, then re-test the area. This product must be able to achieve a sub-surface penetration of the teak in order to achieve its full effect, and oily residue will prevent this.