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Breathe easier with the Festool Cleantec Vacuum CT 48 E HEPA Dust Extractor. It's Festool's highest-capacity, full-unit, HEPA-certified vacuum for maximum dust control at the source when using power tools that generate a lot of dust. Simply plug the tool into the outlet socket on the vacuum for easy, tool-triggered activation. The adjustable suction force lets you regulate the amount of suction for your particular task, while consuming less energy than a constant-on vacuum.

The Sys-Dock on top can be stacked with Festool Systainers (sold separately) to carry all the tools you need for the job. It also stores & protects the hose when not in use. The HEPA filter element greatly limits your dust exposure & keeps your work area cleaner.

Great for commercial or household use. Use wet or dry. Includes HEPA filter, reusable Self-Clean filter bag, & anti-static hose.

Tech Specs
Technical Specifications CT 48 E HEPA Dust Extractor
Dimensions (Inches) 28.1 L x 15.4 W x 27 H
Weight 36 lbs.
Certification Full unit HEPA rating
Methods of Operation Power tool triggered or manual
Maximum Airflow (Suction Capacity) 137 cubic ft./minute
Vacuum Static Pressure 96"
Power Consumption 350 watts/2/9 amps (low setting) to 1200 watts/10 amps (high setting)
Sound Level 62 dB (low setting); 71 dB (high setting)
Filter Bag Capacity 12.2 gallons
Container Capacity 12.7 gallons
Filter Surface Area 3.29 sq. ft.
Anti-Static Dust Hose Length 11 ft. 5 in.
Power Cord Length 25 ft.
Replacement Filter Bag Festool 497539 (sold separately)
Replacement HEPA Filter Cartridge Festool 498994 (sold separately)
Info & Guides
HEPA filtration offers better dust extraction because a HEPA filter can trap 99.99 percent of dust particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter (a micron equals one millionth of a meter). Replacement HEPA filter elements and filter bags are sold separately.

INTENDED USE: The CT 48 E HEPA Dust Extractor is suitable for extracting non-hazardous dust, dirt, sand, shavings, etc. It is also designed, as specified, for vacuuming water. The CT 48 E is designed for commercial and/or household use, outdoor use, and indoor storage. The filtering performance of the overall unit, which is fitted with a HEPA filter element, corresponds to HEPA quality H 13 (medium degree of filtration 99.5%). All CT extractors fitted with the HEPA filter element have HEPA certification both for the filter material and the whole dust extractor.

Technical Information

Festool CT 48 E HEPA Dust Extractor Features

  • Full-unit, HEPA-certified vacuum removes 99.99% of particulate down to 0.3 micron.
  • Limits your exposure to dust and provides maximum dust removal at the source.
  • Tool-actuated, variable suction capability lets you work more efficiently and saves energy.
  • Flexible, kink-resistant, anti-static hose minimizes static cling and reduces shock hazard.
  • Large rear wheels and double-swivel casters in front make it easy to roll around the job site.
  • Integrated hose and accessory storage keeps them organized and readily available.
  • Convenient, ergonomic carrying handle for easy transport.
  • Flat top can serve as a temporary shelf while you work.
  • HEPA filter cartridge and filter bag change-outs are quick and easy.
  • Manual on-off switch or power tool-triggered start.
  • Wet or dry use.
  • Ideal for commercial or household use.
  • Quick-release bag change.
  • Large capacity for larger volumes

CT 48 E HEPA Dust Extractor Includes:

  • HEPA filter cartridge
  • Self-Cleaning Filter Bag
  • Anti-static hose
  • Hose holder
  • Sys-Dock


Please read all safety instructions before using this product. Do not handle plug or dust extractor with wet hands. Use extra care when cleaning on stairs. Do not use to pick up flammable or combustible liquids. Do not pick up anything that is burning or smoking, such as cigarettes, matches, or hot ashes. Do not use without dust bag and/or filters in place. Connect to a properly grounded outlet only. See Grounding instructions. Before use, read and understand ALL instructions including how to minimize health hazards from dust.