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Product Details

Propstrip is the easy way to remove old Propseed coatings from propellers, running gear, and other metal surfaces. This environmentally safe, water-based finish remover is ready to use right out of the container. Propstrip does the hard work for you; watch it begin to bubble and change color as it works and penetrates the silicone topcoat in a few hours. Rinse completely using water and a Scotch-Brite pad.

Tech Specs
Technical Specifications Propspeed Propstrip
Application Temperature 59°F and above
Application Method Brush, short nap roller, or airless sprayer
Color White
Thinning DO NOT THIN. Propstrip is ready to use.
Dwell Time Leave Propstrip on the surface until the Propspeed Clear Coat and Etching Primer are soft and easy to remove.
Removal Method Water
Theoretical Coverage Approximately 489 sq. ft. per gallon (12 m 2 /L)
Shelf Life 12 months
Info & Guides

Important Propstrip Application Information

  • Use latex or chemical-resistant gloves to protect skin. Wear safety glasses to avoid product contact with eyes.
  • Be sure to follow good environmental practices when applying Propstrip. If you're working in an area without a water catchment facility, lay down some type of catchment product (burlap sacking, for example) beneath the work area to capture waste products and facilitate their removal.
  • Do not transfer Propstrip to a metal container. Doing so will result in degassing and product separation.
  • Pour off only as much Propstrip as you need into a clean, dry plastic container. Do not contaminate the remaining Propstrip with dirty mixing sticks or brushes.
  • Propstrip is ready to use—do not thin.
  • ONLY apply Propstrip to a surface that is completely dry, as it is neutralized instantly with water.
  • Apply Propstrip generously on the metal surface and let it sit until the topcoat and primer are soft. Protect the treated area from moisture while waiting for the coating to soften. Test the softness with a scraper.
  • Wash off the softened coating with a pressure washer or water hose until all coating material is removed.

Technical Information

Propspeed Propstrip Coating Remover Features

  • Provides quick, easy, effective removal of old Propspeed coatings.
  • Water-based formula is environmentally safe and contains no HAPS or TAPS (hazardous or toxic air pollutants).
  • Easy to apply and very easy to remove.
  • Fully biodegradable in soil and water.

Propspeed Application: 5 Easy Steps

  • 1. Prepare the metal surface: Sand to an 80-grit profile or use Propstrip to remove old Propspeed coatings.
  • 2. Initial cleaning: Use Propclean Wipes to remove grease and other surface contaminants.
  • 3. Metal conditioning: Apply Propprep solution liberally by rag or wipes, working over small areas at a time. Do not allow to dry out. Remove by wiping off thoroughly with a clean rag.
  • 4. Apply Etching Primer (2 coats): Mix 2-part etching primer base and hardener in a 4:1 ratio. Apply 1st coat with a brush or foam roller.
  • 5. Apply Clear Coat (1 coat): Apply Clear Coat topcoat by brush (do not use a foam roller) when the final coat of etching primer is dry to touch. This should be about at 80°F & 85% RH.


Be sure that you read and understand the information in the SDS and TDS documents for each of the products in the Propspeed sytem before starting the application process.

Propstrip: Wear latex or chemical-resistant gloves. Wear safety glasses to avoid contact of product with eyes. See SDS for further safety information.