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Product Details

Epifanes Teak Oil Sealer preserves new or renewed teak wood to maintain its beautiful, golden tones. Ideal for teak decks, rails, and trim. Traditional linseed oil and alkyd resin formula ensure maximum protection from the discoloration and drab look caused by weathering, salt spray, dirt, moisture, and pollution. Use this easy-to-apply sealer to maintain well-trodden teak boat decks, railings, furniture, swim platforms, and other teak trim exposed to the elements. For use above the waterline on interior and exterior teak surfaces.

Available in a 1 liter (1000 ml) can.

Tech Specs
Container Size 1 Liter (1000 ml)
Application Environment Interior & exterior use, above the waterline. Suitable for saltwater and freshwater environments.
Application Method Wide brush or lint-free cloth
Thinner Do not thin.
Coverage 75-107 sq.ft. per liter, depending on application method and surface roughness.
Info & Guides

Instructions for Use

NOTE: This product may be applied wet-on-wet.

  1. Degrease the wood surface with Epifanes Spray Thinner for Paint & Varnish or denatured alcohol. Allow to evaporate.
  2. Using a wide brush or lint-free cloth, apply Teak Oil Sealer until the wood surface is saturated. Avoid excess film buildup.
  3. Remove excess material.
  4. IMPORTANT! Due to the possible risk of self-ignition, always place saturated cloths in water.

Technical Information

Teak Oil Sealer Features

  • Penetrates deeply to protect and preserve teak's golden beauty.
  • Perfect for maintaining teak decks, furniture, and teak boat parts.
  • Premium linseed oil formula provides long-lasting protection.
  • Very easy to apply, and can be applied wet-on-wet, for added protection.
  • Suitable for use in fresh and salt water marine environments.
  • For interior and exterior use above the waterline.


Before using this product, read and understand the information on the label and in the SDS (safety data sheet). Flammable liquid and vapor. No smoking. Do not breathe vapors/spray. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Be sure to wear appropriate personal protective equipment including a proper respirator, protective gloves, eye protection, face protection, and skin & clothing protection. Use only outdoors, or in a well-ventilated area.

Do not empty into drains. Dispose of contents and container to a hazardous waste or special waste collection point in accordance with local, regional, national, and international regulations.