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Product Details

Quick Build is a high performance priming system for sealing and surfacing applications. Formulated to save time and money, Quick Build requires just a single coat with no sanding required, when used as a surface sealer. Colored base closely matches finish colors for quicker hide. Choose from six colored primer bases.

This system requires 3 components: A primer base, converter, and activator. Choose sealer converter and activator to use as a sealer primer for small components and production environments, and choose surfacing converter and activator when using as a surfacing primer for aged substrates.

Tech Specs
Sealer Surfacer
Mix Ratio by Volume: (Base: Converter: Activator)100:25:353:1:1
Application Method: Conventional, HVLP SprayConventional, HVLP Spray
Recommended Total Wet Film Thickness: 3-4 mils (75-100 microns) achieved in 1 full coat11.8-13.8 mils (300-350 microns) achieved in 3 coats
Recommended Total Dry Film Thickness: 1.2 mils (30 microns)4.7-5.5 mils (120-140 microns)
Number of Coats: 1 coat at recommended film thickness3 coats at recommended film thickness
VOC: 543 g/L or 4.53 lb/gal550 g/L or 4.59 lb/gal
Info & Guides
Custom Color Formulas: Check out AwlGrip's MIXIT Cloud Formula Guide to closely match topcoat colors and reduce top coat usage. Choose from 60 formulated primer colors.

Typical System for Fiberglass, Gelcoat, and Previously Painted Surfaces

1. Quick Build
2. Awlcraft SE
3. Awlgrip 2000 Clear

Typical System for Aluminum Surfaces

1. Wash Primer CF
2. Quick Build Primer
3. Awlcraft SE
4. Awlgrip 2000 Clear

Technical Information

Features and Benefits

  • Quick Build Sealer and Surfacer primer can be applied directly to certain substrates
  • Single-coat only, with no sanding required after sealer primer application
  • Easy application system allows for preparation and application in a single day: Substrate Prep / Quick Build Sealer or Surfacer Primer / topcoat

Guidelines and Recommendations for Choosing Quick Build Sealer Primer vs Surfacer Primer:

  • Quick Build Sealer and Quick Build Surfacer both require surface preparation before application
  • Quick Build Sealer should be used on new or like-new substrates and surfaces.
  • This one coat system does not require sanding after application. Use for small parts and in production environments
  • Quick Build Surfacer should be used on aged substrates or surfaces that require more work. This three coat system requires sanding after application