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Product Details

Corona Urethaner Brushes feature 100% natural white China bristles, with a hand-formed chisel edge. Somewhat thinner and softer than black China bristles, white China is ideal for solvent-based stains, varnish, marine paints and urethane finishes. A great choice for varnish!

Hand formed chisel edge tip for precision taper and smooth finishing. This design ensures excellent paint pickup, super easy application and makes sharp cuts a breeze. Well-balanced plastic foam Kaiser handle reduces user fatigue when painting. Sold individually in five sizes.

Tech Specs
Part Number Width Thickness Trim Length
COR-30521 1 Inch7/16 Inch1-15/16 Inch
COR-3052150 1-1/2 Inch1/2 Inch1-15/16 Inch
COR-30522 2 Inch9/16 Inch1-15/16 Inch
COR-3052250 2-1/2 Inch5/8 Inch2-3/16 Inch
COR-30523 3 Inch11/16 Inch2-3/16 Inch
Info & Guides
Corona Brushes: Made in the USA and Engineered for Excellence

For over 80 years Corona Brushes, Inc., has created the ultimate in painting tools. Their unique formulations of the finest quality materials provide the right amount of suppleness and flex ideal for application of marine coatings.

Ideally, you may want to have separate brushes for varnish and for oil-based enamel. For convenience when varnishing in warmer weather, keep a couple of extra brushes in each size handy so when one starts to drag a little you can replace it with a fresh one and keep going

Technical Information


  • Hand formed chisel
  • Plastic kaiser handle
  • Nickel-plated ferrule