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Product Details

Butyl Tape is a tough rubber compound that can be used as a bedding compound to seal out moisture and dirt. This flexible, moldable, compressible pressure sensitive tape is easy to use, and can be torn or cut to fit a wide variety of applications; including bedding deck hardware and sealing hatches. Double sided with peel-off paper liner.

This mess-free alternative to standard marine caulk provides excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces without the need for additional adhesives.

Color: Gray.

Info & Guides
Because Butyl tape is so easy to use (fasteners won't compromise the seal, and the material is easy to work with without making a mess), it's a popular choice for bedding deck hardware, sealing hatches and waterproofing holes. It bonds well to most surfaces and has many uses above the waterline.

While it's a good alternative to marine caulk or sealants, we don't recommend using Butyl tape on plastics, portholes, or where fuel or fuel vapor may be present (fuel fills and vents, for example).

Technical Information


  • Easy to use tape eliminates potential messes associated with marine caulking or silicone
  • Seals out dirt & water
  • Moisture barrier properties make it ideal for deck hardware and sealing hatches
  • Pressure-sensitive, excellent adhesion to most surfaces; won't 'squeeze out' when fasteners are tightened.
  • Unaffected by soaps and other cleaners