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Product Details

Fireboy-Xintex portable dry chemical fire extinguishers are UL approved and ABC rated (wood, paper, fuel, chemical and electrical). Heavy duty steel cylinder, metal valve and pressure gauge make these extinguishers suitable for commercial, industrial, land-based, vehicle, and marine applications. All models may be recharged after use.

5.5, 10 and 20 lb models include wall hook ring and hose with hose strap. USCG-approved bracket for mounting in a boat or vehicle is included with 2.5 and 5.5 lb (VM) models, and is available for 10 and 20 lb models. All mounting styles (bracket or hook) are designed for simple installation.

Tech Specs
Item Number: Weight: Bracket Type: Rating:
COV-FB0251A10BC-VM-D2.5 LBSVehicle/Marine Bracket 1A:10B:C
COV-FB0251A10BC-M-D2.5 LBSWhite Marine Bracket 1A:10B:C
COV-FB0553A40BC-VM-D5.5 LBSVehicle/Marine Bracket 4A:60B:C
COV-FB0553A40BC-WH-D5.5 LBSWall Hook 4A:60B:C
COV-FB1004A60BC-WH-D 10 LBSWall Hook 4A:60B:C
COV-FB2006A80BC-WH-D 20 LBSWall Hook 6A:80B:C
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Technical Information

Product Features:

  • Included wall hook or bracket
  • ABC rated for wood, paper, fuel, chemical and electrical
  • Heavy-duty steel cylinder, metal valve, and pressure gauge
  • UL approved