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Interlux Micron Navigator Antifouling Bottom Paint

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Interlux Micron Navigator Antifouling Bottom Paint
Interlux Micron Navigator Antifouling Bottom Paint Color Swatches

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Product Details

Interlux Micron Navigator is an antifouling paint that provides excellent multi-season performance, and is safe for use on all kinds of boat bottoms, even aluminum and underwater metals. The copper-free, water-based formula utilizes Econea and Biolux to prevent underwater growth in all waters and conditions. Navigator is both compatible with and easy to apply over most other bottom paints, and its quick-dry (even at low temperatures), low VOC formula means your boat is in the water faster. Get the long lasting fouling protection and superior performance associated with all Interlux Micron paints.

Gallons are available in Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White. Quart sizes are available in Black, Blue and White.

Tech Specs
Dry Time90°F73°F59°F
Touch Dry15 mins30 mins1 hour
To Launch1 hours3 hours10 hours
VOC8.89 g/lt
Solids by volume38%
Number of coats2
Thinners (brush, roller, and spray)Water
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Technical Information

Navigator Features:

  • Water-based copper-free formula that provides proven multi-season protection
  • Easy application and clean up, fast drying, and VOC compliant formulation
  • Safe for use on any boat bottom, including aluminum and underwater metals
  • Use on epoxy, carbon fiber, FRP, lead, steel and wood
  • Suitable all waters, including fresh, saltwater, and brackish waters
  • Allows lower temperature and indoor applications to fit your schedule