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TotalBoat Cast N Turn Clear Urethane Casting Resin

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Clear Urethane Casting Resin Kit
Cast N Turn Clear Urethane Casting Resin Kit
Cast N Turn Clear Urethane Casting Resin Kit
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Product Details

Cast your own distinctive turning blanks with TotalBoat Cast N Turn Clear Urethane Casting and Turning Resin. Use with a pressure pot for bubble-free results! This two-part urethane resin can be tinted, and is ideal for encapsulations to make hybrid turning blanks from stabilized wood and resin. Extended 12 minute working time gives you more time to create larger castings and get them in the pressure pot before the resin starts to set. Cures to an ultra clear hard plastic that turns easily without cracking or chipping, and polishes to a high gloss. Compared to epoxy, urethane is great for DIY wood turning applications such as bowl blanks, knife scales, pen blanks, bottle stopper blanks, duck calls and more.

Available in a Quart Kit (1 pint Part A and 1 pint Part B).

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Preferred by DIY Makers and Woodturners for its Clarity, Hardness, Ease of Turning - and Simpler Mix Ratio

TotalBoat Cast N Turn urethane resin makes it easy to create amazing, bubble-free, high-impact pressure castings for hybrid turning blanks that turn like a dream and can be polished to a high gloss. Comparing casting resin vs epoxy resin? Urethane is ideal for casting turning blanks because it cures faster and is ready to machine sooner than epoxy. It's also optically clearer. Cured pieces are rigid, high-impact plastic that can handle the heat and pressure of turning on a lathe, without melting, cracking, or chipping. The simple 1 to 1 mix ratio is by volume - not weight - so you don't need a scale to measure accurately. Compare to other clear slow casting kits.

IMPORTANT MIXING NOTE! To avoid the potential for moisture contamination from wooden stir sticks, do not use wooden stir sticks to mix Cast N Turn components. Plastic stir sticks are strongly advised.

Technical Information

Cast N Turn Features

  • Optically clear urethane resin for water-clear castings that can be turned, cut, drilled, sanded and polished to a glossy finish
  • Cures to a hard plastic that turns beautifully on the lathe - no cipping or cracking
  • Resists yellowing when exposed to sunlight
  • Simple 1:1 mix ratio by volume - no gram scale needed
  • Long 12-minute working time is ideal for larger or more complex castings
  • Low viscosity makes it easy to blend in dyes and pigments
  • Perfect for encapsulations such as stabilized tree burls and scrap wood

Cast N Turn Specifications

  • Mix Ratio by Volume: 1:1 (1 part Part A to 1 part Part B)
  • Application Conditions: 65-80°F (0-60% humidity)
  • Working Time: 12 minutes (3.2 oz. / 100 gram mass)
  • Maximum Pour Depth / Volume: 3'' for up to 16 oz. of mixed material; when pouring more than 16 oz. in a single pour, the maximum depth is 2''
  • Demold Time: 2-4 hours (3.2 oz. / 100 gram mass)
  • Full Cure: 5-7 days

Reviews for TotalBoat Cast N Turn Clear Urethane Casting Resin

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November 18, 2021

Cast N Turn
By PFNYC from Addison, TX

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This is a great product, I use it for my smaller resin projects because it is easy to use and if done right virtually no bubbles. It's thinner viscosity allows me to use it on projects that are smaller with more control when pouring.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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