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Product Details

TotalBoat Wood Honey is a non-toxic, food-safe finishing oil that enhances the natural beauty and wood grain for all types of hard and soft wood species. It's ideal for woodworkers, woodturners, and makers because it puts a beautiful, low-sheen finish on DIY wood furniture, serving boards, cutting boards, butcher block tops, table tops, bar tops, counter tops, bowls, knife handles, pens and more. This special blend of oil and wax brings out the wood grain immediately upon application. The finish will become deeper and richer with multiple coats. It's easy to use - just wipe it on, wait, wipe it off, and repeat till the luster and grain is to your liking!

Available in an 8 oz. bottle and a 16 oz. bottle.

Tech Specs
Product Specifications TotalBoat Wood Honey
Application Temperature 50-95°F, 0-90% RH
Application Method Clean rag or Scotch-Brite pad (ultra-fine ONLY)
Recommended Number of Coats 2 (on bare wood); 1-2 (maintenance coats)
Pot Life 2-4 hours
Cure Time 5-7 days, for full use
Maximum Useful Temperature 140-150°F (185-190°F, for very brief periods)
Coverage 80-100 first coat, 100-125 second coat -This will vary by wood species, and does not account for any material that is wasted in the application process
Cleanup Absorb any spillage with a rag, and clean up with a detergent soap and water
Info & Guides

Rags, Scotch-Brite pads, or waste materials soaked with TotalBoat Wood Honey may spontaneously catch fire if discarded improperly. Immediately after use, place rags, steel wool, or waste in a sealed, water-filled metal container.

Technical Information

Wood Honey Features

  • Protective, food-safe finishing oil for interior wood surfaces
  • Imparts a rich, low-sheen finish
  • Easy to apply, ideal as a friction polish on or off the lathe
  • Multiple coats make the wood grain pop
  • Non-toxic, solvent-free formula
  • Zero VOCs, minimal odor