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Arbortech Power Carving Unit

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Arbortech Power Carving Unit woodworking tool
Arbortech Power Carving Unit woodworking tool
Arbortech Power Carving Unit woodworking tool
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Product Details

The Arbortech Power Carving Unit is the ultimate woodworking grinder. Pair it with different accessories for powerful grinding, sanding, and shaping. It's perfect for machined finishes, deep profiles, detail carving, rough shaping, and planing.

A leveling guide with adjustable depth lets you switch from rough to precise planing. Hook and loop pad makes attaching and changing out sanding discs fast and easy. Important for any power woodworking tool, the Power Carving Unit features powerful extraction of wood chips and dust, even when not connected to a vacuum.

The flexible sanding pad is perfect for mild shaping and initial sanding on larger projects. Pair it with the leveling guide for even finishes. Use with the included Chip Catcher and a shop vacuum for superior dust collection. The Chip Catcher ensures dust and chips are extracted, for a clean work area. Chip Tube directs larger chips into a bucket or other collection area.

Six variable speed settings from 2,800 to 11,000 RPM let you tailor carving and sanding speeds to your projects. Low speeds are ideal for use with the included sanding pad or Mini Turbo blade. The Power Carving Unit's focus on ergonomics ensures comfortable use, with a vibration-reducing handle and soft start function to prevent abrupt tool engagement.

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Technical Information


  • 1X Power Carving Unit
  • 1X Leveling Guide
  • 1X Chip Catcher
  • 1X Chip Tube
  • 1X Sanding Pad
  • 3X Sanding Discs (per grit) - 60, 120, 180, 240, grit
  • 1X Fan
  • 1X Extra Brush Set
  • 1X Carry Bag

Tool Specifications:

  • Range Speed 2,000 RPM - 11,000 RPM
  • Max Blade Dia. 4''
  • Max Blade Dia. with Metal Guard 4.5''
  • Disc Bore 7/8''
  • Power Output 8 Amp
  • Rating US/CAN: AC, 110-120V, 60Hz
  • Tool Weight: 4.6 lbs