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Product Details

The TotalBoat Flexible Spreader Set is perfect for a variety of boatbuilding, woodworking, and creative applications, including spreading, glassing, coating, fairing, filling and laminating.

Durable plastic spreaders are ideal for use with epoxy and polyester resins, putty, caulk, gelcoat, filler, fairing compounds, spackling paste, and thickened adhesives. For easy cleanup, spreaders bend easily to peel away dried epoxy or glue so you can use them over and over again without breaking or cracking.

This convenient set of three includes Straight, V-Notched, and Curved spreaders.

Tech Specs
Spreader TypeDimensionsUses
Straight, Beveled Edge4-1/2'' x 3"Glassing, fairing, filling, caulking, and laminating. Use as a squeegee for removing excess resin and trapped air pockets during layups.
V-Notched (3/8'' & 1/4'' gauges)4-1/8'' x 2-3/4''Has two gauges for spreading thickened epoxy evenly over large areas.
Curved4-1/2'' x 3-1/4''For fairing curves and filleting.
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Technical Information

TotalBoat Spreader Set Features

  • Durable, reusable, multi-use
  • Flexible to conform to curved surfaces.
  • Dried epoxy and glue peels off easily.
  • Easy to clean.