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Product Details

Use Classic Teak Stain on bare teak wood for that classic deep golden tone. It was specifically engineered for teak and other hardwoods used in marine applications, such as mahogany. Apply up to three coats to create the desired finish. Each coat will darken stain appearance. Use on interiors and anywhere above the waterline for exterior woodwork.

This fast-drying one part stain is compatible with all Epifanes varnish systems. Use it to create a more consistent finish appearance on aged wood. Available in a 500ml bottle.

Tech Specs
Dry Time50°F59°F68°F77°F
Dust Dry2 hours1 hour30 minutes20 minutes
Recoatable6 hours4 hours2 hours1 hour
Info & Guides
Application tools
Lint-free cloth, foam roller, foam brush or wide soft, longhaired brush

Application recommendations
Shake well before use. Do not overbrush. Do not apply wet-on-wet. Apply thin coats only and avoid application in direct sunlight or much wind. A rapid loss of solvents will occur under these conditions and decrease the evenly distribution of the pigments creating spot coloring.

Substrate conditions
Bare wood, dry, degreased and sanded with 180G, percentage of humidity inside the wood 15%. Wait at least 3 days for stain to fully dry before applying varnish.

Shake well before use. Apply in small quantities along the wood grain. Depending on the desired colour depth up to 3 coats may be applied. Allow each coat of Epifanes Stain 2 hours to dry (65* F.). Sanding the stain is not required.

Avoid drops and spills. If needed remove spills with Epifanes Brushthinner for Paint & Varnish as soon as possible