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TotalBoat Razzo Mineral Casting Compound Kits

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Razzo mineral casting compound kit medium
Side Table created with Razzo, using the Terrazzo technique
Razzo techniques

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Product Details

Razzo is a non-toxic casting compound that consists of a mineral powder component, and an acrylic liquid component. When mixed together, it creates an easy-to-use, fun, composite material used to make all kinds of decorative objects.

DIY makers and resin artists use Razzo for a wide range of creations. How about coasters, tea light holders, soap dishes, picture frames, plant holders and more? Add Razzo pigments (sold separately), and pour into silicone molds. Simple techniques like color pull, dirty pour, marble, and terazzo let you create all kinds of eye-catching effects. It's also easy to sand and shape.

Razzo's simple mix ratio (1 part A: 2 parts B, by volume), lack of VOCs or odors, plus soap and water cleanup make it a great alternative to epoxy, especially for crafting projects. You're limited only by your creativity!

Choose from three kit sizes: Small (8 fl. oz. Razzo Acrylic Liquid and 21.2 oz. Razzo Mineral Powder), Medium (16 fl. oz. Razzo Acrylic Liquid and 42.3 oz. Razzo Mineral Powder), and Large (32 fl. oz. Razzo Acrylic Liquid and 84.7 oz. Razzo Mineral Powder).Medium kit shown.