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Product Details

TotalBoat TotalBond is a range of CA glues (cyanoacrylate adhesives) useful for household repairs, craft & hobby projects, and woodworking applications.

Choose from Thin, Medium, and Thick viscosities to suit different projects ranging from everyday repairs, minor surface defects, fast glue ups, fixes, bonding, woodworking, toy repairs, jewelry repairs, build models, and even fix your shoes with these versatile adhesives. It's suitable for use on epoxy, soft and hard woods, glass, metal, fiberglass, ceramic, and rubber.

TotalBond cures in seconds. Just apply a couple of drops to one of the two surfaces to be glued, press lightly for a few seconds, and you're done! No clamping necessary. Available in 2 oz containers. 1 year shelf life.

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Which Viscosity Should I Choose?

Not all CA Glues are created equally! TotalBond is available in 3 different viscosities to suit different jobs.

Technical Information

TotalBond Thin

  • Seal and protect with this ultra low viscosity CA glue
  • 2-5 CPS for water-like consistency that penetrates tiny cracks and voids to reinforce and stabilize
  • 4-10s cure time
  • Ideal for super close-fitting repairs without visible gaps or cracks
  • Mix with sawdust to fill gaps, knots and repair wood surface defects - with the appearance of wood!
  • Excellent for fine work like jewelry making and inlays
  • Use for clear, high gloss finishes on turned wood bowls, handles, and pens
  • Fine stringed instrument builds and repair like headstock and and fretboard inlays, bindings, and bonding frets

TotalBond Medium

  • Craft & repair with this medium viscosity CA glue
  • 100 CPS for light motor oil consistency, perfect for a wide range of general repairs and close fitting bonds
  • 10-30s cure time
  • The most versatile CA glue; excellent for general purpose every day repairs; fix household objects, furniture, jewelry, automobile trim and moldings.
  • Build hobby models like cars, boats, and planes
  • Fill small gaps and bond close-fitting parts
  • Use for clear, high gloss finishes on turned wood bowls, handles, and pens
  • Glue cracked stones

TotalBond Thick

  • Bond & fill with this thick viscosity CA Glue
  • 1500 cps similar to warm honey consistency, perfect for filling gaps, knots and voids
  • 30-60s cure time gives you more time to position parts
  • Great for larger or heavier items where bond strength is more important than fine or invisible repairs
  • Thicker formula won't run like thinner super glues. Good for sloping or angled surfaces
  • Better for tacking & positioning before mechanical fastening
  • Tackle shoe repair, large cracks, filling larger gaps, glue cracked stones, fberglass, auto body trim, and plastic models
  • Excellent for model building and carpentry repairs