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TotalBond CA Glue Accelerator dramatically speeds the drying of TotalBond CA Glue and other "super glues." Instant set formula cures cyanoacrylate adhesives on contact. No clamps necessary. Easy-to-use pump spray bottle lets you accurately dispense a fine mist of accelerator.

TotalBond Accelerator improves bond strength when used as a primer, especially for small, irregular, or uneven surfaces. It works great for difficult to bond, heavy materials like stone or brick, and improves joint strength. Bonding in cold weather or low humidity? Use Accelerator! Do you use CA glue in manufacturing or production jobs? Pairing Accelerator with CA glue lets you get more done, faster.

Tip: Spray Accelerator on one piece to be bonded and apply glue to the other. Alternately, bond with Cyanoacrylate glue, press joint together, and spray CA Glue Accelerator on the glue that flows out of the joint.