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Product Details

Toplac Plus is the long-awaited return of Interlux's classic Toplac topside finish, with an all-new formula designed to let you achieve a professional-looking finish using just a roller. Skip the tipping part of topside painting, and get a smooth, hard high gloss finish you'll be proud of. Toplac Plus features excellent flow and leveling characteristics, especially when applied over recommended Interlux Pre-Kote Plus primer.

Its advanced formula features powerful UV protection to fight finish fade. Get longer lasting gloss and color retention than Brightside and similar marine paints. 2-3 Coats are recommended for most applications, but no sanding between coats necessary, saving time.

Use this finish anywhere above the waterline: hulls, decks, cabins, and trim. Available in a wide range of vibrant colors. All colors are available in Quarts. Snow White and Mediterranean White are also available in Gallons.

Toplac Plus is Interlux's replacement for popular Brightside Polyurethane marine paint. Brightside is no longer available, having been discontinued by Interlux.

Tech Specs
Dry Time41°F59°F77°F95°F
Touch Dry6 hours3 hours2 hours1 hours
Overcoat24 hours (min) 4 days (max)16 hours (min) 3 days (max)8 hours (min) 2 days (max)6 hours (min) 24 hours (max)
Info & Guides

In Good Condition: Wash down with a suitable detergent, rinse with fresh water and allow to dry. Abrade with 280-320 grade (grit) paper. Remove sanding residue. Wipe with Brushing Liquid 333 and allow to dry completely.
In Poor Condition: Remove all previous coatings and prime the substrate.
PRIMING: Please refer to the primer or primer/undercoat technical datasheet.
ALL SUBSTRATES: Prime with a suitable primer or primer/undercoat (Pre-Kote Plus/Epoxy Primekote).

Method Sand the undercoat smooth with 320-400 grade (grit) wet or dry paper. Remove dust with a dust wipe. Apply 2-3 coats of Toplac Plus.

Mixing: Stir well before use.
Thinner: Reducing Solvent (Y2333N) Brush or Special Thinner 216 (Y216) - Spray.
Thinning: Add 10% Reducing Solvent-Brush (Y2333N) to ease the application by brush/roller. The thinner quantity can be adjusted with climate conditions. At temperature above 75°F (25°C) an extra 5% Reducing Solvent (Y2333N) should be added.
Cleaner: Brushing Liquid 333, Reducing Solvent (Y2333N) Brush or Special Thinner 216 (Y216) - Spray.
Ventilation and Humidity Control: Apply in dry, well ventilated conditions.

Some Important Points
Toplac Plus may discolor if used a temperatures above 80°C/176°F. Not suitable for permanently immersed surfaces. Do not use below 5°C/41°F.

Ambient temperature should be minimum 5°C/41°F and maximum 35°C/95°F. Substrate temperature should be minimum 5°C/41°F and maximum 35°C/95°F. Product temperature should be minimum 15°C/59°F and maximum 35°C/95°F

Technical Information

Toplac Plus Features:

  • New formula with improved flow eliminates the need for tipping when using a roller.
  • No sanding between coats
  • Use over Pre-Kote Plus, the new one part primer and undercoat in one, to deliver the best-in-class topcoat system.
  • One part topcoat is simple and easy without additives
  • Lower VOCs, no MEKO, and no diisocyanates