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Sikaflex 292i/801
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Sikaflex 292
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Sikaflex 292i/801 Customer Questions and Answers

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Can I use sikaflex 291 for bedding teak toe rail to fiberglass hull of 30 sailboat with 50 fasteners per side?

Asked on 04/03/2014 by Undisclosed

Top Answer

I believe so. We have used it on Fiberglass before, however you may want to use clamps then the fastners to be installed after 24 hours of cure time

Answered on 04/28/2014 by BARBARA BURGIS
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Yes, but be aware that teak wood is extremely oily. You must first remove the oils from the surface layer by wiping thoroughly with acetone or other solvent. Roughing the teak surface (also the fiberglass surface) with medium grit sandpaper will increase the mechanical bonding (in addition to the adhesive bonding). Good luck with your project.

Answered on 04/03/2014 by RODOLFO PETSCHEK


Sikaflex is the best caulk out there--working in a boat yard and building my own sailboat I have seen it all--use the Sikaflex

Answered on 05/02/2014 by THOMAS A. KREHL
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What Sikaflex product should I use to bed and seal a cutlass bearing holder that is bolted to the stern tube and will need to be removed periodically to eventually replace worn cutlass bearing. I am talking about the holder being sealed to the stern tube, not sealing the cutlass bearing into the bearing holder.? Thanks

Asked on 12/06/2011 by Bud Macey

Top Answer

I wish I could help but I don't have any experience using Sikaflex in an underwater application. I used it to bed some step plates to a cap rail and it has held up so far. I needed a product that would fill gaps and prevent "wobbling" of the step plate since the cap rail had a slight bevel to it. I know products like 3M5200 are ok below the waterline but are a bear to remove down the road. I would look for a product that first and foremost is approved for below water line applications.

Answered on 12/06/2011 by BRUCE DECKER
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