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Product Details

Sika Aktivator-100 is a moisture sensitive liquid for the pre-treatment of surfaces to improve adhesion of Sikaflex adhesives.

Info & Guides

Sika Aktivator is required for the pretreatment of glass to ensure adhesion of Sika adhesives. Sika Aktivator is a one-component, fast drying clear liquid.

1. If the substrate is heavily contaminated by oils or other organic substances, initial cleaning using solvents or high-pressure water cleaning with the appropriate detergents is required.
2. Wipe the dry surface with a clean absorbent paper towel moistened with Sika -Aktivator.
3. Immediately wipe the surface with a dry paper towel to remove any excess.
4. Apply Sikaflex or Sika -Primer after the recommended flash-off time.

Technical Information

  • Density: Density 5.9 lbs/gal
  • Color: Transparent, clear
  • Flash Point: 25 degrees F
  • Storage: Store in a cool dry place
  • Shelf Life: 50 F to 77 F 12 months in unopened 250 ml container. 18 months in unopened Aktivator Pads.
  • Application temperature: 40 F to 110 F
  • Drying Time:10 min at minimum