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Product Details

Interlux Primocon metal primer is designed as a barrier coat below the waterline to reduce galvanic corrosion on steel and aluminum surfaces. This primer will not affect the color of antifouling paint.

Available in Quart and Gallon sizes.

Tech Specs
Drying Information 50 Degrees F73 Degrees F95 Degrees F
Touch Dry (ISO)3 hrs2 hrs 1 hr
Overcoated By Min-MaxMin-MaxMin-Max
All applicable8 hrs-5 hrs-3 hrs-
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FACTORY PAINTED SURFACES: Sand with 80 grade (grit) paper. Wipe down with Brush-Ease 433 or Special Thinner 216 to remove sanding residue.

PREVIOUSLY PAINTED SURFACES: Sand with 80 grade (grit) paper. Wipe down with Brush-Ease 433 or Special Thinner 216 to remove sanding residue.

BARE METAL: Surface should be blasted to bright metal. For steel surfaces, grit blasting is preferred. For aluminum or other light alloys, sandblast if possible or grind with medium coarse grade (grit) emery cloth. Remove all blasting/grinding/sanding residues with a clean air line and sweep with a clean brush or broom. (Vacuum clean for best results.) Do not wipe with cloth rages after blasting or sanding as fibers may be pulled out and protrude through the primer coats.

Method Apply a minimum of 3 coats of Primocon. Primocon may be applied directly to blasted metals if applied within 1 hour after blasting. If sanded or if more than 1 hour has passed since blasting, wipe surface clean with 202 Solvent Wash, then sand to a bright finish with 36 grit abrasive. Follow up with 2316 thinner immediately after sanding, and apply Primocon as per instructions.


Airless Spray Pressure: 170-204 bar/2500-3000 psi. Tip Size: 0.53 mm/21 thou.

Conventional Spray Pressure Pot: Pressure: 3.44-4.47 bar/50-65 psi (gun pressure); 8-10 psi (pot pressure). Tip Size: 1.5-1.8 mm/60-70 thou. Siphon Cup: Pressure: 3.44-4.47 bar/50-65 psi - gun pressure. Tip Size: 1.8-2.2 mm/70-85 thou. When spraying with Siphon Cup equipment, reduce first with Special Thinner 216.

Other Apply extra coats of Primocon over riveted or welded areas. Do not sand between coats of Primocon or between last coat of primer and first coat of antifouling. There is no maximum overcoating time between coats of Primocon or between the last coat of primer and the first coat of antifouling paint. It is, however, suggested that after thirty days the surface is sanded and wiped clean before proceeding.

Some Important Points Product temperature should be minimum 10 C/50 F and maximum 29 C/85 F. Ambient temperature should be minimum 10 C/50 F and maximum 35 C/95 F. Substrate temperature should be minimum 10 C/50 F and maximum 29 C/85 F. Primocon prevents leaching of TBT from an underlying antifouling coating provided it is applied at a minimumdry film thickness of 3.5 mils (minimum of 2 coats by roller) & that the film remains intact. We have studied the leaching rate of TBT from a TBT SPC antifouling (such as Micron 44) overcoated with Primocon (applied as specified) & seen that TBT leaching is prevented. The leaching rate determination method used was ASTM D5108-90 (2002) Standard Test Method for Organotin Release Rates of Antifouling Coating Systems in Sea Water.

Compatibility/Substrates Primocon should be applied to freshly sandblasted metal, metal that has been etched with Viny-Lux Primewash 353/354 or to previously painted surfaces. Do not use under vinyl based antifouling paints such as VC Offshore or Baltoplate.

Number of Coats 3-4 as needed

Coverage (Theoretical) - 339.1 (sq ft/Gal) by brush, 179.1 (sq ft/Gal) by spray. (Practical) - 301.2 (sq ft/Gal) by brush, 142.5 (sq ft/Gal) by spray

Recommended DFT 3.0 mils dry / 1.6 mils dry
Recommended WFT 8.9 mils wet / 4.7 mils wet

Application Methods Airless Spray, Brush, Conventional Spray, Roller - Pressure Pot or Siphon Cup

Technical Information

  • Finish: Matte
  • Specific Gravity: 1.098
  • Volume Solids: 33%
  • Typical Shelf Life: 2yrs
  • VOC (As Supplied): 580 g/lt
  • Unit Size: 1 US QUART, 1 US GALLON
  • Number of Coats: 3-4 as needed
  • Coverage (Theoretical) - 210
  • Color YPA984-Grey /Gray


TRANSPORTATION: Primocon should be kept in securely closed containers during transport and storage.

STORAGE: Exposure to air and extremes of temperature should be avoided. For the full shelf life of Primocon to be realised ensure that between use the container is firmly closed and the temperature is between 5 C/40 F and 35 C/95 F. Keep out of direct sunlight.

DISPOSAL: Do not discard tins or pour paint into water courses, use the facilities provided. It is best to allow paints to harden before disposal. Remainders of Primocon cannot be disposed of through the municipal waste route or dumped without permit. Disposal of remainders must be arranged for in consultation with the authorities.

WARNING: Cancer -

Reviews for Interlux Primocon Metal Primer

4 of 4 Reviews

April 30, 2020

Great primer
By Jim from MN

Verified Purchase

Use this in conjunction with Trilux 33. Great primer. Covers well and makes the top coat last longer and protect better.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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June 5, 2019

Send the right color next time.
By Josh from Tacoma wa

Verified Purchase

Still waiting on the right color to show up

Was this review helpful to you?

July 29, 2018

excellent product
By LR CFO from CA 95682

Verified Purchase

good coverage, good drying time, great basecoat

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Was this review helpful to you?

May 10, 2015

Good product, use it for more than just boats.
By Obsession 1987&2000 from Long Island, NY

May need to add Brush Ease 433 as you are painting, product dries very fast and thickens as you use. Works great on any kind of metal as a primer or alone. I use it on more than just boats. I was very happy with results. Used it as a tie coat on unknown previously painted boat bottom , one coat, than 2 coats Iterlux Bottomkote NT finish. Came out great!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Was this review helpful to you?