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Epifanes Multi Marine Primer
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Epifanes Multi Marine Primer
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Epifanes Multi Marine Primer Customer Questions and Answers

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what coverage rate does the epifanes multimarine primer give on fiberglass?

Asked on 11/29/2011 by Undisclosed

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The side of the can says "8-10 meter squared per liter. Also says 80-100 sq ft per liter. The small can holds 750 ml and should be thinned by 10%. Stir it well; I stir for three minutes then pour and use. I use mine in an HVLP sprayer and thin to spec with Epifanes spray thinner. If you roll it on, roll it thin. I suggest so thin that bubbles form off of a 3" foam roller cover. I quickly tip with a foam brush to break the bubbles. Then, let it alone. Also, keep within Epifanes weather limits. Between 50F and 85F with humidity less than 85%. I found this to be important when using Epifanes products. Jamestown Distributors or Epifanes has a download describing all of Epifanes products. I use Epifanes products exclusively and am very happy with them. I'm building a 21ft coastal cruising catamaran and have already used Epifanes non-skid powder with their mono-urethane paint on top of the Multi Marine Primer. Works Great! -Bruce

Answered on 01/21/2012 by BRUCE KACHLINE
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Coverage with primer is somewhat less than Epifanes Monourethane paint so you will use a little more. It does dry fast. I can tell you I painted an anchor locker cover with Epifanes on one side and Interlux on the other. My wife used very hard, sharp fingernails in progressive scratch tests over a period of two weeks. Testing confirmed video demonstration on Jamestown website. Epifanes didn't allow scratching or marking after a few days while Interlux continued to show scratches even after drying for over a month. It is truly a hard drying product.

Answered on 11/29/2011 by TED BOST


I used about 1/2 a quart on about 60 square feet of glassed plywood. This primer was my first foray into marine paints. Wow what an improvement over the house paint market.

Answered on 12/01/2011 by BRIAN HYSLOP
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I'm in Portsmouth, NH It's 78 to 89 daily. How much thinner should I use. Paint my wood Tayana 37 Mast. What thinners can I use?

Asked on 07/24/2015 by Undisclosed

Top Answer

Call Epifanes for a data sheet, they will email it to you. This is a new product and it is not included in their online manual. The data sheet will give you the thinning ratios and temp range. I am on my boat now so don't have the sheet with me, though I think 80deg and 85% is the upper limit. It is a great product, you will like it.

Answered on 07/25/2015 by TERENCE MASON
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I used Epifanes Brush Thinner well mixed into the primer by 10-15% when rolling and tipping. I try to keep below 85 degrees F and 85% humidity. Let it dry for two days; the sandpaper will tell you when to put the paint on. For spray, I do the same and use Epifanes Spray Thinner and run the mix through a paper strainer before loading the gun. See Epifanes data sheets for more info. -B

Answered on 07/24/2015 by BRUCE KACHLINE
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