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Interlux Watertite Epoxy Filler
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Reviews for Interlux Watertite Epoxy Filler

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August 12, 2020

I would definitely buy again
By educated redneck from knoxville, TN

Verified Purchase

I have used it on multiple boat builds and it mixes easily, applies smoothly and easily sands to create a smooth, seamless finish

June 2, 2020

Excellent filler
By Hurrel from Missouri

I have used this many times on repair, restoration and re-finish of a wood boat. It goes on very smooth and clings to vertical surfaces very well. I have never had any problems with curing, cure times or getting hard. It is not difficult to sand, I usually use a 100 grit on electric sander for 1st sanding and then finer paper to achieve a nice surface. I highly recommend this.

March 13, 2019

i highly recommend this product
By watertight from Louisiana

Verified Purchase

works as advertised ! great for just about anything quick .....lays down good and easy to spread and sand , bonds great and very strong

October 23, 2017


Verified Purchase


March 24, 2016

yes I will buy this product again!!
By Mike G. from North Texas

I made repairs to gelcoat and a few blisters on a 1972 Venture 2-24 sailboat. I mixed as per instructions and it took longer to dry than I expected(overnight), however when it dried it sanded well and and faired out well. It does take some elbow grease to sand so don't over fill. Wear latex gloves as it can be messy and difficult to get off your hands. Taking a long time to set up can be a blessing as it gives you time to work with it and smooth it out without it gumming up to soon. Mix small amount because a little goes a long way. Over all I was very satisfied with the product and the Jamestown Tech's that I spoke to on the phone. If you own a boat of any kind you need to know Jamestown Dist. Everyone I spoke with was very professional and very familiar with the products they sell.

October 17, 2015

Excellent filler / fairing compound.
By Eric from Fairhaven, MA

Interlux watertite is a great fairing compound for finish and detail fairing. Does not develop pin holes and goes on very smooth and light with a plastic spreader. Sands out nicely as well.

July 25, 2014

great protection
By ursaltydog from Murrells Inlet, S.C.

Ive used this product on sailboat keels for over 15 years and highly recommend for underwater protection

May 6, 2014

First time using Epoxy filler

Verified Purchase

I found the product to be very easy to mix and apply. I suggest wearing disposable plastic gloves as working upside down can get messy. The product did not set too fast but then again was able to be sanded in just a few hours. I have not put the baot in the water yet but feel confident this product will hold up as it is very tough stuff once it completely dries.

November 5, 2013

Repair/build, almost anything.
By Brother Freight from Maryville Tn.

It's great to fix holes, and imperfections in whatever your working on. Great for a skim coat before painting. Repair cracks in water jackets, manifolds, anything that leaks. Frozen, busted engine parts. Loose bolt holes. Any loose fit, fills gaps well. Sticks to anything, and paint sticks to it well, great for a primer skim coat on bottom of boat, makes it strong, and water tight. Fills in holes, mistakes. etc..It costs a lot, but you won't be sorry.

May 7, 2013

I love this stuff; its great!
By Don from Panama City, Fl

I have used this product for blister repairs to the bottom prior to new bottom paint as well as bottom scrapes and dock abrasions not to mention gell coat repairs and wood hatch slide cracks and items too numberous to mention. Beats the the heck outof bonso and many other products that I have tried. This is a good structural strength product. I have been a certified aircraft mechanic for over 50 years and now I work on my sail boats.

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