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Norton's new Multi-Air system specializes in the combination of maximum dust extraction and premium abrasive discs to optimize performance, increase productivity and eliminate cleanup time. This new vacuum system allows for a 30% increase in dust extraction and virtually eliminates disc clogging and work environment contamination.

A275 grade paper on hook and loop Speed-Grip discs offer the longest life and fastest cut for any sanding job. The Norton Multi-Air 6 inch back up pad is required to use these discs to the best of their ability. This system has a standard attachment on the pad and can be used with just about any standard 6 inch sander including: Fein, Festool, DeWALT and many more.

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Technical Information

  • No clogging
  • Substantially longer life and faster cut then conventional abrasives

Even with the best dust free system it is impossible to eliminate 100% of all airborne dust particles while using power sanders. We always recomend safety equipment such as a respirator, safety glasses and gloves when using these products.