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Cobalt Steel Drill Bits Customer Questions and Answers

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I am trying to make a hole for a 5/8" stud in a carbon steel base. Which is the best size of cobalt drill bit to do this task?

Asked on 09/23/2014 by parecase parecase

Top Answer

Since you specified a stud I'm assuming you're going to thread the hole. For a 5/8"-11, a 17/32" drill will give about 75% depth of thread. For 5/8"-18, use a 37/64" drill. If you're not going to thread, that is make a through hole, a 41/64" will provide a close fit hole. A 21/32" will give you a free fit. These sizes may be difficult to find, but if Jamestown doesn't stock them they can probably special order them.

Answered on 09/23/2014 by BRET M. TERRITO
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