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Reviews for Type H High Speed Steel Countersinks

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September 25, 2020

Perfect Flush Countersink
By Tom Blake Surfboard from Suffolk County, NY

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I needed to predrill 100 holes for installing #6×¾" silicon bronze wood screws. The design required a flush mount, not too deep or too shallow. This super sharp countersink, along with the matching depth stop collar, provided the required predrill. It was a bit tricky to lock the stop collar as it kept shifting when tightening the set screws. The flutes in the countersink are at an angle to the cutting edge. I finally removed the set screw and looked through the machined hole to align it to the countersink. That worked a treat! I am very happy with the bit. W.L.Fuller makes a quality product!

October 3, 2008

By violin dude from NYC

Clogs like crazy with the stop ring in Ipe. Had to remove stop to use. Size is for free part of screw not beyond...for that you'll need a smaller bit.

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