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Plexus MA 310 High Strength Plastic Adhesive
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Reviews for Plexus MA 310 High Strength Plastic Adhesive

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May 23, 2018

Yes very good product
By David from San Diego CA

Verified Purchase

Pricy but worth it

August 2, 2015

excellent product
By the chef from Mentor,Oh

Verified Purchase

the product did one hellva job on my corian kitchen countertop

March 26, 2015

Bonds with Composite Hulls
By Don sailing on the Mississippi from Quad Cities, IL

Verified Purchase

I normally use with the applicator 'gun' and mixing tip on my Hunter ABS hull to correct cracks. Can be sanded to match smooth to finish although sometimes requires a fairing compound to get true. In my area where we have -10 to -20 winters and I cover but don't have any heated site for over wintering, cracks often appear in the same location each year. I blame this on the hull composition (Hunter has changed the 216 and 170 type models to fiberglass), not the product.

October 22, 2014


Verified Purchase

Outstanding product

July 23, 2009

Amazing Plastic Adhesive for Marine Use
By Bob The Sea Dog from Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

Use it in difficult situations, especially bonding plastic/fiberglass to metal. Also very good for hull repairs. No real prep needed for site and works well even with moisture or oil contamination. Used it to repair 3 inch hole in hull of a Hunter composite sailboat along with fiberglass mesh. Easy to mix, sets relatively quickly but working time (approx 15 min) is adequate. Can be filed or sanded easily and can put boat back in water within the hour. While it is not cheap, it is the adhesive of choice for the really difficult bonding tasks or repairs.

March 25, 2009

This stuff is bomber!
By Blake from New Canaan, CT

Nothing bonds plastic to metal like this adhesive. Cures quickly. The smell will knock you for a loop. Use a good charcoal filter mask and nitrile gloves. Don't get it on you.

September 10, 2008

RC Sailboat construction
By RC Sailboat Sailer from Montpelier, VA

This product is great in assembling plastic based RC sailboats such as the Soling One Meter from Victor products. There are many wood to styrene bonds in the construction of this model. This stuff bonds to styrene better than CA and West epoxy. A test of the product that I conducted can be seen at [@]

August 7, 2008

Great stuff.
By Me from SLC

We used this to attach rotaloc bolts to fiberglass. It works great. Smelly stuff though.

April 28, 2016

Yes we would purchase this item again
By Industrial from NY

Verified Purchase

Our shop will continue to use this product

September 14, 2015

Adheres well
By Don S. from Annapolis, MD

Verified Purchase

I found this adhesive pretty easy to apply when also using the Plexus mixing nozzle. I needed to re-adhere a broken closing handle to a plexiglass boat hatch. This adhesive has worked very well. It cured within an hour or so. The hatch closing handle gets a lot of stress on it and I see no indication that the handle bond is weak or lacks its original strength. A very good adhesive for plastic to plastic.

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