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Reviews for WEST System EPOXYWORKS Magazine

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October 25, 2019

Thank you for inspirational mag!
By Terry from Colorado

Thank you for the continued Epoxyworks mag, years after my last canoe. I have a notion to do something new and I wonder if such has crossed your horizon. It is to set out some 2x4 posts on a frame and drape cloth between hanging as a catenary surface, and epoxy. Then lay mosaic ceramic tile inside with tile grout, invert and erect on steel poles to make a bubbled archway. Paint the top to exclude solar radiation. Tile adds a bit of weight and makes compressive underlayer, gives tiled dome. Catenary initial surface has no load stress but tension so structure should be very strong with enough weight to not be carried away in wind, and support lots of snow weight. Might mould some epoxy column caps cf Tia Severina backpage latest mag. For 30 ft walkway I will make 4 sections/bubble arches, the end 2 being complex fit to buildings either end (just lay out the posts and let gravity and tweaking design the surfaces). Betcha this idea will raise somebody's eyebrows over there.

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