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Product Details

Edson Pedestal Guards protect your compass and provide a secure handhold for crew members while maintaining a slim design that allows crew members easy passage fore and aft of the pedestal. Pedestal Guards provide versatility to turn any cockpit into an elegant dining area with Edson's folding drop-leaf tables, or into information central with Edson's Vision series instrument housings.

Each Edson Pedestal Guard is constructed with rugged, marine grade stainless steel to endure years in any harsh marine environment. Guard Kit comes complete with Stainless Guard Tube, Guard Feet, and Top Plate.

Tech Specs
Item Number Fits Pedestal Bowl Size
EDS-1600-45-58s335, 336, 3376-7/8" (17.2cm)
EDS-1600-6-58s400, 402, 464 CDi Classic8" (20.3 cm)