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Interlux Interior Finish 750

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Interlux Interior Finish 750 Base
Interlux Interior Finish 750 Curing Agent

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Product Details

Interlux Interior Finish 750 is specially formulated for use throughout the interiors of all types of construction. Both high in gloss and opacity, Interlux 750's tough and durable finish provides excellent chemical resistance and is easy to clean.

When used in combination with Interior Primer 860, it holds a Surface Spread of Flame Certification. Similar to Interlux 860, 750 reduces surface preparation requirements and provides fast walk-on times for more efficient and economical applications.

Interior Primer 860 is approved for use on all suitably prepared substrates and epoxy primers. It should NOT be used over any one pack product. It can also be applied to properly prepared powder-coated substrates and pipework after consultation with an Interlux Technical Representative.

Available in White and Gray.

Info & Guides

The Interior Finish 750 technical data sheet specifies using Thinner 910 and Thinner 920. In the US, the thinners are 2316N for spray application and 2333N for brush/roller application.

Either of these thinners can be used in place of Thinner 910 as a surface prep solvent wipe for degreasing steel, aluminum, and stainless steel substrates.

WARNING: Cancer -