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Interlux Clear Wood Sealer is a fast-drying urethane used for priming wood prior to application of single part varnishes or two component urethane finishes.

It is easily absorbed, fills grains with ease, and forms a strong bond between the wood and various paint and varnish systems.

Clear Wood Sealer is ideal for new boat production environments, restoration projects, or seasonal maintenance work as it drastically reduces the time and effort traditionally required to achieve high-quality results. This is achieved due to rapid drying/overcoating times, and great film build. The fast-drying properties allow users to apply multiple coats in one day, reducing the turnaround time of the project and saving money.

NOTE: Interlux Clear Wood Sealer is a TWO PART system. BOTH parts must be purchased and mixed together for proper application.

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Offering exceptional scratch and wear resistance, Clear Wood Sealer is overcoatable with a variety of clear and pigmented Interlux finishes. The number of coats required can also be fine-tuned to match customer or designer requirements by applying less or more coats depending on the finish desired.

Consider overcoating after treatment with a varnish such as Interlux Schooner or Goldspar for added longevity and performance.

Surface Preparation


  • In Good Condition: (Two Pack Only) Clean with Special Thinner 216, Reducing Solvent 2316N, or Reducing Solvent 2333N. Sand smooth with 240-320 grit paper. Remove sanding dust with thinners. (One Pack Only) Remove all previous coatings.
  • In Poor Condition: Remove all previous coatings.

BARE WOOD: Sand with 180 grit paper. Lightly sand with 240 grit paper. Ensure sanding debris is removed prior to proceeding. If wiping with solvent then allow to dry completely before applying the first coat of varnish.

  • Priming Bare Wood: Thin first coat up to 50% with Reducing Solvent 2333N and apply by brush to achieve penetration. This will increase the drying time of the first coat.

OILY WOODS (Teak): After sanding, clean the surface with Thinner 910. Apply the first coat of Clear Wood Sealer immediately after the evaporation of thinners as teak contains oils that can cause adhesion problems.


Apply 2-4 coats by brush, conventional spray, or roller. The number of coats is dependent upon application method, required finish, and the porosity of the wood. More coats may be required to properly fill the wood grain. Sanding is not required, however if deemed necessary for an improved appearance, use 240-320 grit paper.

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May 2, 2021

The million dollar teak appearance.
By ET from Long Beach, CA

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Especially well suited for sealing Teak woods for refinishing to accept Interlux Perfection Plus Polyurethane Varish.

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