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Starbrite Bird and Spider Stain Remover
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Reviews for Starbrite Bird and Spider Stain Remover

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October 7, 2010

No more spider poop!
By Jacey from Baton Rouge, La

I used this product after realizing I had spider poop in my house. We live in south Louisiana, and the spiders invade in the summertime. I noticed the little white speckles in the corners on the floor and a friend told me what it was. I was so grossed out that I started doing research to find something safe to use with kids in the house. Spider poop, apparently, has glue in it because it just doesn't come up with my other household cleaners. I have stained concrete floors, so I needed something gentle. I am very happy with this product. I use this product in conjunction with Spider Away. I think it has kept most of the spiders away, but I can see some coming back. I will continue to spray this in the corners and under furniture every couple weeks. The active ingredient is peppermint oil, so I don't mind using it often.

December 11, 2012

Doesn't work for me
By David from Harrison Lake, British Columbia

I had a major spider problem this last season. Black spots all over the white gelcoat. They reduced a bit after pressure washing but this product has not removed any of the remaining brown spots at all.

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