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Norton Diamond Lapping Compound

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Norton Diamond Lapping Compound
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Product Details

Norton Diamond Lapping Compounds are engineered to meet all OSHA and EPA safety requirements, these oil-soluble diamond lapping compounds produce high finishes and tight final tolerances.

Used after a sharpening sequence, diamond compound contains diamond particles suspended in oil to provide a highly polished and reflective finish on the backface of tools. Use on a cast iron plate, hard maple board, MDF board or leather strop.

Tech Specs
Item NumberColorGradeMicron SizeSyringe SizeApplication
NOT-91123Grey1/40-1/25 GramHigh Mirror Finish
NOT-91133Ivory10-25 GramVery Fine Finish
NOT-91134Ivory10-218 GramVery Fine Finish
NOT-91138Yellow32-45 GramFine Finish
NOT-91139Yellow32-418 GramFine Finish
NOT-91143Orange64-85 GramHighly Polished
NOT-91148Green98-125 GramPolished
NOT-91149Green98-1218 GramPolished
NOT-91153Blue1512-225 GramLight Cut
NOT-91154Blue1512-2218 GramLight Cut
NOT-91158Red3022-365 GramMedium Cut
NOT-91163Brown4535-545 GramFast Cut
NOT-91164Brown4535-5418 GramFast Cut
Info & Guides

Typical Applications

  • Polishing for final dimensions of molds and dies
  • Charging lapping plates and discs
  • Tool polishing
  • Honing fine edges of high-end woodworking tools
  • Lapping seals
  • Turbo charger for benchstones to speed up the cut rate and improve the finish

Diamond lapping compound can be used to "turbo charge" oil stones. Use a Grade 9 with medium India stones and Grade 3 with Norton Hard Translucent Arkansas stones to improve the cut rate and finish on tough/hard steel. Grade 1 used on a piece of hard maple or MDF will provide a highly polished finish.

Technical Information

  • Micrograded synthetic diamond powders uniformly sized and distributed in a liquid vehicle
  • Pre-engineered diamond concentrations, color-coded to industry standards
  • Easy to use 5 or 18 gram plastic syringes