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Product Details

Aqua Signal series 22 plug-in navigation lights are designed for the use in power boats up to 12m/39ft and feature 4 different base options.

Lights are constructed in a rigid black polycarbonate housing, and models (ASL-222157 and ASL-226027) also feature black anodized aluminum poles. Polycarbonate and stainless steel cap, range of visibility 1 nm, all-round 2 nm. Models (ASL-221837 and ASL-221857) feature an exclusive patented sound signal base designed for fishing boats with mounted trolling motors. 10 Watts, 12 Volts.

Aqua Signal navigation lights are certified as a complete assembly including the original equipment bulb to maintain ongoing certification. These lights are available as deck mount or with removable poles.

Tech Specs
Prod. #DescriptionVisibilityHousing ColorMountingLength
ASL-221007Bicolor1 nmBlackDeck-mountn/a
ASL-220007All-round2 nmBlack Deck-mountn/a
ASL-221837Bicolor w/horn base and task light1 nmBlackPlug-in12 inch/ 305mm
ASL-221857Bicolor w/horn base1 nmBlackPlug-in12 inch/ 305mm
ASL-221127Bicolor1 nmSilver (pole)Plug-in12 inch/ 305mm
ASL-224207All-round2 nm Silver (pole)Plug-in42 inch/ 1067mm
ASL-225407All-round2 nmSilver (pole)Plug-in54 inch/ 1372 mm
ASL-226007All-round2 nmSilver (pole)Plug-in60 inch/ 1524mm
ASL-221107Bicolor w/task light1 nmSilver (pole)Plug-in12 inch/305mm
ASL-225467All-round, folding2 nmSilver (pole)Plug-in54 inch/ 1372mm
ASL-227267All-round, folding2 nmSilver (pole)Plug-in72 inch/ 1829mm
ASL-220207All-round, folding2 nmSilver 20 inch/ 508mm
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Heavy Duty Plug-in Bases
ASL-228107--Plug-in base-Black
ASL-228207--Round plug-in base - Stainless Steel
ASL-228197--Round plug-in base - Black