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Product Details

Corrosion-proof non-metallic baskets are an advantage in continuous running or high usage installations such as air conditioning, generators, or refrigeration systems where the continuous flow of sea water shortens the filter basket life. Non-metallic baskets are interchangeable with metallic baskets.

Groco ARG Series Sea Strainers are made from bronze castings. Unique mounting system allows removal of entire strainer without tools. O-ring seals at all joining surfaces. Screw-on strainer cap allows for easy no-tools maintenance.

Tech Specs
Product Number Pipe Size "A" Height "B" Width "C" Depth
ARGS-500-P1/2"6.38"4.5 inch5.25 inch
ARGS-755-P3/4"6.38"4.5 inch5.25 inch
ARGS-750-P3/4"8.38"4.5 inch5.25 inch
ARGS-1000-P1"9.00"5.75 inch6.5 inch
ARGS-1210-P1-1/4"9.19"5.75 inch6.5 inch
ARGS-1250-P1-1/4"10.63"5.75 inch6.5 inch
ARG-1500-P1-1/2 inch11.38 inch7.25 inch7.75 inch
ARG-2015-P2 inch12.00 inch7.25 inch7.75 inch
ARG-2000-P2 inch14.00 inch7.25 inch7.75 inch
ARG-2515-P2-1/2 inch12.7 inch7.25 inch7.75 inch
ARG-2520-P2-1/2 inch14.64 inch7.25 inch7.75 inch
ARG-2500-P2-1/2 inch17.00 inch7.25 inch7.75 inch
ARG-3015-P3 inch13.25 inch7.25 inch7.75 inch
ARG-3020-P3 inch15.19 inch7.25 inch7.75 inch
ARG-3025-P3 inch17.37 inch7.25 inch7.75 inch
ARG-3000-P3 inch19.75 inch7.25 inch7.75 inch

Reviews for Groco ARG Series Strainer w/ Plastic Basket

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June 1, 2011

HIgh quality; Easy installation
By Alan from Carlisle, MA

After 37 years I needed to replace my old style Groco SV-750 seacock. The old strainer was also showing its age, so I replaced both (new seacock is a BV-750). The ARG750P strainer was a cinch to install, easy to check for clogs, and simple to service. My only concern is the plastic tie, but only time will tell how well it holds up. When I contacted Groco by email for product clarification and advice, I received an immediate callback from the chief tech who even offered tips on how I might save the existing fittings (which I wound up replacing). Wonderful service and excellent products.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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