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Rostan shackles, sold individually. There are many different styles of shackles. The standard dimensional format shackle gives you a high load capacity and compact size. With a smaller size body, it is produced from a formed stainless steel sheet and larger size bodies are from turned bar, coined at the ends. The pin heads are available in compact 'slotted' or 'coined' for finger or tool adjustment. Some of these pin heads come drilled so you can fit a securing wire properly.

Long dee shackles are similar to the standard dee, but have a longer internal length clearance so you can fit them to a longer or irregular shaped object. It gives you a greater distance between fixing points. An example of this would be attaching an outhaul line to a press ring on a sail.

Tech Specs
Product Number A - Pin Diameter (in.) B - Throat (in.) C - Width (in.) D - Width @ Pin (in.)
RON-RF613S Shackle, Bow, Slotted Pin 3mm, L:13mm, W:9mm1/815/3211/321/4
RON-RF614 Shackle, Narrow, Slotted Pin 3/16", L:19mm, W:8mm3/163/413/323/16
RON-RF615 Shackle, Standard Dee, Slotted Pin 5/32", L:15mm,W:10mm5/325/813/32-
RON-RF615A Shackle, Standard Dee, Slotted Pin 5/32", L:13mm, W:8mm5/321/25/16-
RON-RF617 Shackle, Standard Dee, Pin 1/4", L:22mm, W:14mm1/47/89/16-
RON-RF618 Shackle, Standard Dee, Pin 5/16", L:29mm, W:17mm5/161-5/325/8-
RON-RF619 Shackle, Standard Dee, Pin 3/8", L:40mm, W:18mm3/81-1/221/32-
RON-RF620 Shackle, Standard Dee, Pin 1/2", L:41mm, W:19mm1/21-21/323/4-
RON-RF623 Shackle, Long Dee, Pin 1/4", L:43mm, W:14mm1/41-21/3219/32-
RON-RF624 Shackle, Long Dee, Pin 5/16", L:54mm, W:17mm5/162-5/3221/32-
RON-RF626 Shackle, Long Dee, Pin 1/2", L:70mm, W:19mm1/22-27/3223/32-
RON-RF627 Shackle, Twisted, Pin 4mm, L:22.7mm, W:10mm5/3229/32 11/32-
RON-RF629 Shackle, Twisted, Pin 1/4", L:39mm, W:14mm1/41-17/321/2-
RON-RF630 Shackle, Twisted, Pin 5/16", L:48mm, W:16mm5/161-7/85/8-
RON-RF631 Shackle, Twisted, Pin 3/8", L:53mm, W:16mm3/82-1/83/4-
RON-RF632 Shackle, Twisted, Pin 1/2", L:64mm, W:19mm1/22-9/163/4-
RON-RF633 Shackle, Bow, Pin 4mm, L:14mm, W:13mm5/329/169/167/16
RON-RF637 Shackle, Bow, Pin 3/8", L:51mm, W:36mm3/82-1/161-13/3213/16
RON-RF638 Shackle, Bow, Pin 5/16", L:27mm, W:22mm5/161-1/167/85/8
RON-RF639 Shackle, Wide Dee, Pin 5/16", L:51mm, W:28mm5/1621-3/32-
RON-RF640 Shackle, Wide Dee, Pin 3/8", L:55mm, W:29mm3/82-7/321-5/32-
RON-RF641 Shackle, Wide Dee, Pin 1/2", L:66mm, W:31mm1/22-11/161-5/16-
Product Number P.L. B.L. (lb.) U.D.L. B.L.d (lb.) Shackle Pin Product No. Product Weight (oz.)
Info & Guides

The wide dee shackles width is a little wider internally than the standard dee so it can fit to a wider, irregular shaped object or multiple objects. Their point load B.L. is generally lower than that of standard pin length shackles.

The twisted shackle allows you to fix together 2 objects with a 90 degree change in their orientation. An example of this would be attaching twin jib sheets to a clew board.

The bow shackle also has a wider internal width clearance so you can fit it to a wider, irregular shaped object or multiple objects. Yet, with its standard pin width it won't reduce compromise the point load B.L.

All of these assorted Shackles have a high strength to weight ratio. They are a grade 316 stainless steel in the bodies and pins.

Reviews for Ronstan Shackles - Assorted

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May 17, 2013

First to buyer
By ArcMarc from Epsom NH

It was speced out on the drawing to use for slings.

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

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August 6, 2010

Demensions A,B,C
By Bill from WEstport Mass

We need a picture of the demensions

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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