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Product Details

The Marco UP/E is an electronically regulated intelligent water system pump. The pump initiates automatically and features variable speed performance regulated by water supply demand. Electronic controlled gear pump water system does away with the need for an accumulator tank.

The Marco self priming system accepts 12/24V universal voltage. It includes check valve and easily accessed bleed screw. Variable speed maintains constant pressure and flow for vessels with multiple outlets. Two LEDs monitor pump and water supply functions. Pump is protected internally against short circuits and overloads so no need for separate fusing.

PTFE coated helical gear pumps are used for fresh water pressure systems and shower kits on boats of all sizes and yachts, offering greater lift and pressure control compared to diaphragm pump based systems.

Tech Specs
Water System System Flow Rate Gal (L) Pressure PSI (Bar) Fittings
M16466015 (UP2/E)2.6 (10)29 (2)3/8 inch NPT
M16460215 (UP3/E)4 (15)36 (2.5)3/8 inch NPT
M16462215 (UP6/E)6.9 (26)36 (2.5)1/2 inch NPT
M16468112 (UP12/E 12V)10.5 (40)43.5 (3)1/2 inch NPT
M26468113 (UP12/E 24V)10.5 (40)43.5 (3)1/2 inch NPT
M16468115 (UP12/E 12/24V)9.5 (36)43.5 (3)1/2 inch NPT
Part Number Voltage Amps
M16466015 (UP2/E)12 - 24 VDC7.5
M16460215 (UP3/E)12 - 24 VDC15
M16462215 (UP6/E)12 - 24 VDC20
M16468112 (UP12/E 12V)12 VDC30
M26468113 (UP12/E 24V)24 VDC20
M16468115 (UP12/E 12/24V)12 - 24 VDC20
Info & Guides
NOTE: Pump fittings are BSP but include an NPT adapter.

Technical Information

<b>Water System Pump Features:</b>

  • Variable Speed increases flow - No accumulator tank necessary
  • Constant control of flow, pressure, current and voltage.
  • Pump functions monitored by 2 LED Status Indicators
  • Electronic System Control functions as brain: gradual increase to optimum flow rate reduces surging.
  • Electronically Calibrated speed means proportional reduction of noise, current absorption and mechanical wearing.
  • Pump is protected against short circuits and overloads. No fuse required.
  • Samples 4 times to re-start the motor.
  • Blue LED indicating empty tank.
  • Easily accessed bleed screw to assist initial priming