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AFI 12 Volt Premium XLP Electric Trumpet Horn
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Reviews for AFI 12 Volt Premium XLP Electric Trumpet Horn

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July 5, 2010

Worth the Extra Few Dollars
By Captain Ray from Beaufort, NC

This horn, while about $20 more than the SeaFit it replaces, is more attractive, louder, has enclosed sound unit and is waranteed for 5 years versus 1 for the SeaFit unit. The horn it's replacing is 2 years old.

August 6, 2011

By Captain Bob from Island Heights, NJ

I purchased this horn as part of a total electrical system renovation I am doing on one of my YC's boats. I was shocked to hear that the horn had failed after only two weeks in service. The horn blew its 10A fuse and immediately blew its replacement. Since the product has a "manufacturer's" warranty, I went to Marinco, the manufacturer's, website. On the website it indicated I could contact customer service by sending an email, or a fax or calling, whatever I preferred. Since it was after hours, I sent an email. No response after a week... I sent a fax... 4 days no answer. I finally phoned and was informed that they did not have my email, and that the fax number given on the website was in "another building" .... ( and apparently died there). The representative asked for my information and promptly sent out a replacement [...] Great product... If you have a problem, make sure to talk to a human being! Otherwise a great product. Since all products are subject to random early failure, I am not concerned with the initial failure.

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