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TotalBoat Boat Lift System
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Reviews for TotalBoat Boat Lift System

4 of 4 Reviews

June 10, 2020

Easy lifting
By Luke from Naples, FL

Verified Purchase

Lifted myself at 70 years old - no problem

November 21, 2015

Was my one hand buddy,
By BobbyboyII from Chester, Va

To get height I felt comfortable with, I added one layer of 6x6's under each support and that made the difference on raising my Capri 2050SS, the distance to clear the wheel covers. Before that it was scary to me, because I felt I was running out of screw height's to raise it where I needed. After trailer was out, boy I felt better.

September 3, 2015

Working Fine
By BobbyboyII from Chester, Va.

Save me trying to figure out how to get the job done.

November 6, 2014

The boat lift is Fantastic!!!

Verified Purchase

I purchased the boat lift because I had purchased a 1992 Nitro 160 and two months later a 1990 Ranger 360V for a total of $2000.00. This was my first time attempting restoration to a boat and I realized very quickly that I had to be able to remove the boats from the trailers to make repairs. I purchased the boat lift from Jamestown and within a few days it arrived. I am retired and I was able to remove the boats from the trailers in my garage and return them to the trailers without any one helping me. I am all smiles and I give this FIVE STARS.

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