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Hi-Bond White Gel Coat - No Wax w/ Hardener

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Hi-Bond White Gel Coat
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Product Details

Hi-Bond White exterior gel coat is used in laminating molded parts. Hardener included. Does not contain wax. Laminators commonly use PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) over the mold release wax before applying this product to mold. PVA seals out air for full cure.

Note, if you are repairing existing gelcoat, NPG gelcoat with wax additive we recommend instead using "White and Neutral Gelcoats" or "Colored Air Dry Gelcoats", typically used for repair work due to ease of application. The wax additive in these other gelcoats negates the need for Polyvinyl Alcohol or other air inhibiting methods.

Tech Specs
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HIB-701440 Quart