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Minn-Kota Universal Sonar 2 Adapter Cables let you quickly connect and disconnect your trolling motor from a variety of fishfinders. Shielded cable connections eliminate the possibility of sonar interference and are waterproof for extra dependability.

Tech Specs
Item NumberAdapter No.For Sonar Brand
MIN-1852068MKR-US2-8Humminbird (7 Pin)
MIN-1852069MKR-US2-9Lowrance/Eagle Blue
MIN-1852080MKR-US2-11Extension Cable
Info & Guides


MKR-US2-1: Garmin Fishfinder 90, Fishfinder 100, Fishfinder 140, Fishfinder 160, Fishfinder 160C, Fishfinder 250, Fishfinder 250C, Fishfinder 300C, Fishfinder 320C, Fishfinder 340C, Fishfinder 400C, GPSMAP 168, GPSMAP 178C, GPSMAP 198C, GPSMAP 430s, GPSMAP 431s, GPSMAP 530s, GPSMAP 531s, GPSMAP 535s, GPSMAP 536s, Fishfinder 80, Fishfinder 120

MKR-US2-8: Humminbird Piranha 4, Piranha 5, PiranhaMAX 10, PiranhaMAX 15, PiranhaMAX 20, PiranhaMAX 30PT, PiranhaMAX 150, PiranhaMAX 150PT PiranhaMAX 160, PiranhaMAX 160PT, PiranhaMAX 170, PiranhaMAX 180, PiranhaMAX 190c, PiranhaMAX 210, PiranhaMAX 215, PiranhaMAX 220, PiranhaMAX 230PT, PiranhaMAX 240, Matrix 10, Matrix 12, Matrix 15, Matrix 20, Matrix 25, Matrix 27, Matrix 35, Matrix 37, Matrix 55, Matrix 65, Matrix 67 Combo, Matrix 77c, Matrix 87c Combo, Matrix 97 Combo, Fishfinder 515, Fishfinder 525, Fishfinder 535, Fishfinder 565, Fishfinder 575, Fishfinder 580 Combo, Fishfinder 585c, Fishfinder 595c, 141c, 161, 323, 325, 343c, 345c, 363 Combo, 365i Combo, 383c Combo, 385ci Combo, 550, 560, 570, 570 PT, 586c, 587c Combo, 587ci Combo, 588i Combo, 596c, 597c Combo, 597ci Combo, 717, 718, 727, 728, 737, 747, 757c Combo, 767 Combo, 768 Combo, 777c2, 778c, 787c2 Combo, 787c2i Combo, 788c Combo, 858c Combo, 917c Combo, 931c, 937c Combo, 957c Combo, 958c Combo, 1157 Combo, 1157c Combo

MKR-US2-9: Eagle Cuda 168, Cuda 168EX, Cuda 128, Cuda 240 S/GPS, Cuda 20i S/GPS, Cuda 242, Cuda 250, Cuda 300, Cuda 350, FishElite 320, FishElite 480, FishElite 500C, FishElite 520C, FishElite 640, FishElite 642C, FishMark 320, FishMark 480, FishMark 500C, FishMark 640C, SeaFinder 240DF, SeaFinder 245DS, SeaFinder 250DF, SeaFinder 320DF, SeaFinder 480DF, SeaFinder 500CD, SeaFinder 640C, SeaFinder 642C, SeaCharter 320DF, SeaCharter 480DF, SeaCharter 500CDF, FishEasy 2*, FishEasy 245DS, FishEasy 250DS, FishEasy 320C, FishEasy 350C

MKR-US2-9: Lowrance X-47, X-47EX, X-50DS, X-67C, X-86DS, X-96, M-52i, M-56, M-56i, M-68C, M-68i

MKR-US2-10: Lowrance HDS-5, HDS-7, HDS-8, HDS-10, LCX-20C, LCX-17M, LCX-25C, LCX-26C, LCX-27C, LCX-28C, LCX-37C, LCX-38C, LCX-110C, LCX-111C, LCX-112C, LCX-113C, LMS-330C, LMS-332C, LMS-334C, LMS-335C DF, LMS-337, LMS-339C, LMS-489, LMS-480 DF, LMS-520C, LMS-522C, LMS-525C, LMS-527C, X-52, X-59 DF, X-100C, X-102C, X-105C DF, X-107C DF, X-125, X-126 DF, X-135, X-136 DF, X-510C, X-515C

MKR-US2-11: Extension Cable 14-1/2' Universal Sonar 2 extension cable for use with all accessory adapter plugs

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